PS2,3,4 Controller Edge Stand (PC/MAC)




An awesome home made stand if your done playing video games for the day.

It's also a great decoration to your desk that will definitely catch peoples attention.

Step 1: What You Will Need

x1 Duct Tape (can be bought anywhere Walmart for $5, Dollerama ..etc)

x2 Zip/ Cable Ties (I bought mine in a discount store for $1.30 for a pack of 50, can also be bought in Walmart)

x1 Controller, resembling PS2/ PS3/ PS4 (not sure if any Xbox controller will work)

x1 Glue Gun (optional)

x1 Small nail or staple (optional)

Step 2: Forming Basic Shape

Zip tie both of them to make two loops of the same size. (make sure the loops are not too small or big)

Use the loose ends and face them towards the middle forming the picture above.

Step 3: Duct Tape Time!

Cut a piece of duct tape about 3 inches, just enough to wrap around the two ends

!! It is critical to make the loops face one direction !!

Step 4: Secure the Zip Ties

Put some more Duct tape or hot glue on the sides so that the zip ties don't actually tighten when in use.

Step 5: Making Sure It Holds

Hold the mount on the corner of the desk and make sure that the controller doesn't fall out

Without moving the controller do the next step(s)

Step 6: Mounting (optional)

Use a small nail or staple and hammer it in just enough to strongly hold. Make sure it is close to the edge, then hot glue the nail and the mount together (making sure that the mount is behind the nail)

Step 7: Final Mounting

Duct tape the mount nicely so that it attaches firmly to the edge of the desk.

Step 8: Custom Designs (optional)

Make it look cool and unique. Draw some designs on it and make it your own.

Step 9: Finished!

If your thing works then CONGRATULATIONS!!!

If it does not then try to move the mount around so that is does

I hope you guys found this cool and please add a pictures in the description if you have made this, cause i'm curious to see your own designs.

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Peace out



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