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Introduction: PS3 Controller Docking Station

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what inspired me to complete this project?;

Well, I am currently at college studying design and engineering as well as physics. I love all things product design and enjoy wood working. I was fining it difficult to charge my play station controller as the wire was very rigid casing the controller to move. I began designing a few ways to stop this from occurring and settled for the most simple design and thought is show you how I made it.

what will you need;

I guess you can make this out of most materials such as wood, metal or foam, but because I made it from pine, I will show you how to do this.


- Wood 50mm by 50mm by 100mm(Pine is probably one of the best choices as it is easy to cut compared to other woods and once oiled, has a great finish.)

- a file (flat and squared)

- sand paper or belt sander

- coping saw

- panel saw

- table or work bench vice

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Step 1: Marking Out Your Design

The Design

Before you begin your wood work, it is very important that you first mark on where you need to cut.

Place your controller 15mm away from the edge and draw around it. when this is done, draw on your design out. This consists of a slanted line from the bottom left to 15mm away from the top left corner.

Next, draw a horizontal line 20mm from the top.

On top of this, draw a line that is vertical 80mm away from the left side then mark on another slanted line. This needs to be 10mm away from the top left corner of the vertical line you just drew and 20mm away from the bottom left corner from the vertical line you just drew.

This is the basic lay out but feel free to change it.

Step 2: Begin to Cut

Cutting the first slope

The first cut is always the hardest as you need to get use to cutting the material you chose. I was going to use a Tenon saw to complete the first cut as it would be easier but my vice doesn't change angle and I don't have a bench hook, so I used a panel saw. The panel saw ripped threw the material pretty well.

Place the side that you are not cutting into the vice and place it as far down as you can to decrease vibrating which could cause damage to your material.

Step 3: The Controller Slot

Cutting The Controller Bed;

This step is cutting the bed which the controller will sit on and rest on while in the process of charging.

Place the pine into the vice vertically to do this so you can get a straight/ parallel line. Make sure you don't go too far as you can cut if the place where charger sits.

Step 4: Completing the Bed

Completing the bed;

This too is just a basic cut. Use the panel or coping saw to do this and make sure you don't go fact as you can ruin the surface of the pine. place your piece of work into the vice parallel to the workbench or table to allow your cut to be as straight as you can.

Step 5: Completing the Format

Finishing the base cutting;

Once you have finished, it is now time to cut the product off the rest of the pine. place your work in the vice such that your line which you're cutting is vertical. this is now basically you're finished product. The only things to do now is cutting the hole where the charger will sit, filing the surface and then oiling the pine to allow the best finish possible.

Step 6: The Charger

Marking on the Notch:

First, place the controller on top of the work and mark out where the charging port is onto the wood.Use a pencil and ruler to do this so you don't make any mistakes

Step 7: Cutiing the Notch

Cutting the Notch;

First, place your work into your vice making sure its vertical to your workbench or table and then using the coping saw. cut both vertical marks before cutting the horizontal line.

Step 8: Sanding

Using the sandpaper and files;

Place the work inside of the vice such that you are able to efficiently file the surface and remove ant scratching in the material. You also use a disk sander or belt sander as tis too removes any unwanted materials and gives the surface a nice finish. Go over the entire holder using fine 600 grit sand paper for the best finish.

Step 9: The Finish

The finish using Oil;

The most important part of any and all products is the finish. I went for oil. oil makes the wood darker and gives it a waterproof surface as the pine absorbs all of the oil, resulting in it not being able to absorb anything else, the water just beads.

Pour your oil inside of a container such as a cup and use a paint brush to slowly paint the surface with oil. make sure you coat the entire holder. Also when it dries, you can add more coats to get it darker.


WELL DONE, you have just completed your very own PS3 controller docking station. feel free to change the design and over all format of the product to make it yours. good luck if you're going to attempt it. Comment If you have any other ideas, follow and favourite for ore projects!! thank you for reading.

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    3 years ago

    Does it work with the ps4 controller


    Reply 3 years ago

    I'm not too sure, this is just for the ps3 but if you want ill complete a how too instructable for the ps4 controller


    3 years ago

    Love the colour of the wood and it's such a cool idea


    Reply 3 years ago

    thank youuu, love the darker woods