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Introduction: PS360 Controller

Hey all, I decided to go and take a serious crack at this thing (again) finally. I started on one over 4 years ago (back around late 07 early 08) and it just didn't really hold my interest and kinda fizzled out. I didn't have a PS3 at that point either, so it would of been real fun to try and test it out had I finished it and troubleshooting it would have been impossible. Plus doing it the way I was going about it with the older 'Matrix' style 360 board was just more of a headache than it was worth.

Not to take anything at all from the one Ben Heckendorn did, but using tact switches for every button isn't my thing. This one uses the 360 controller's board (stripped of almost every component) as to use it's button's contacts, so it 'feels' like a 360 controller does, as far as pushing buttons goes you can't tell one from the other. I did the Duke360 and 360 S-controller the same way. It's a load more work on the one hand, but pays off big time when yer all done and the controller doesn't feel any different at all.

Since my first go at this Sony has gone and made serious revision changes to the SixAxis boards and the new DualShock 3 uses these new changes as well.

M$ as well has made revision changes to both of their controllers (Wired and Wireless) and the new Wired CL version board (I'm using a Wireless shell though) makes for doing this thing a good deal easier than how it was going before with the older style 360 board.

With the release of the DS3 I figured may as well use it since the straight up SixAxis just sux, plus the 360 shell has room for the motors anyway, so it all just made sense and more work, but if yer gonna do it may as well stuff it all in there.

Step 1: Wiring

Here's the thing so far, and yes I know it's a mess right now and it isn't going to get much better looking before it's all over with until it goes in the shell. The D-pad, Select, PS, Start, Square, Triangle, Circle, Cross, L1/R1 and L3/R3 buttons are all wired up right now and working, as are the LEDs for showing which controller it is.

For more info on how to wire this visit

Step 2: Wiring

All that's left to do are the L2/R2 buttons/Triggers, the Reset/Off button that's on the bottom of the controller and get the Sticks all wired up, then cram it all in the shell. Not that any of it's incredibly more difficult than what's been done on it already, just a lot more wiring to smaller spots than what one would think because of the new Sticks these things use.

Changing the buttons over to the PS3 ones isn't a huge priority right now, that's cosmetic, I'm just after the main things right now with this and that's something that will be done later on.

Step 3: Charging Port

Aside from this controller looking and feeling like any other 360 controller, it will also use the PnC cable that charges a 360 Wireless controller to charge this one. This lets me toss the Mini USB connector of the PS3 controller and not have to make that look all pretty mounted somewhere and use a cable that plugs into the 360 controller nicely already. The Sync button next to the PnC connector will be the Reset/Off button also.

Step 4: Battery

Alright, the Sticks are all wired up, as are the L2/R2 buttons (Triggers) and the PnC connector.

The shell right now is just bits and pieces from others until I get everything all sorted and see what needs to be cut and shaved where to fit everything, then I'll probably stuff it in a nice new black shell once that's all done. The LEDs are the actual Red ones form the DS3 controller, just look kinda orange in the pic.

The battery has been removed from it's casing so it fits in the battery holder. Then a AA battery pack has been cut up to allow it to still be removed when the battery needs replaced or to change the pack completely to something that fits a little better and maybe with more mAh, but for now the stock battery is fine.

All that's really left to do now are the buttons with the PS3 ones and something for the Guide/PS button, then tweak the Sticks some since they sit a tad low and that messes up the range they have. Then maybe mount the battery connector inside the bottom of the controller shell, but those are all finishing touches that I'll eventually get around to instead of harping on them now. Right now it's 100% functional and makes playing RFoM actually feel like a real FPS, even though it still looks like dung. After committing this heresy (to both controllers) I'm gonna see about stuffing a 360's Wired CL controller board into a DS3 shell now, to redeem myself in a sort of bass ackwards kinda way.

Step 5: Buttons

Alrighty, here are the A,B,X,Y buttons just about done, now aptly named the Cross, Circle, Square and Triangle. A little bit of glue and some light sanding and they're a done deal. Don't really even need to glue them as at least 1 tab is left on each of the original PS3 buttons, so they stay in place just fine as they are now. I made the grooves in the 360 shell deeper to let them sit in to the depth they needed to (most of them lined up pretty good with the exception of Square) as well as lightly sanded out the inside of the shell where the button rides because the ones from the PS3 are slightly larger at the base than the 360 buttons are and will wedge themselves in there if ya don't.
Still not sure what I'll do with the Guide/PS button just yet, even though it doesn't go half bad with the PS3 buttons. Ignore the headset connector in the below pic, I just have another board in there as a 'place holder' to keep the buttons and sticks in there for the picture, can't be using the actual PS360 board for such things as that's really unwanted wear and tear on the thing.

Step 6: Finishing

This is about the end of the road for this thing here. I filled in the gaping headset hole and just painted over the whole piece in flat black to match the controller a little more. I'm no painter, but it's alright for now. One day I may revisit this and do something about the Guide button, but form follows function in my book and right now this ting works like a PS3 controller (minus the pressure sensitive buttons) so she's a done deal for now, hope everyone that's had a look enjoyed it.

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    Please make me one just use the buttons I need it for my xbox360


    1 year ago on Step 6

    Can you please make me one and just use the ps3 buttons I need it for my Xbox 360
    Please make it like the picture below.


    7 years ago

    So does the like R3 + L3 buttons not work on this then, btw nice job :)