PSP Joystick Emulation Station for PC

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Ever wanted to revisit the good old days of gaming systems? SNES, NES, And N64. Got a home brew enabled PSP? I've found a really cool way to relive some of these classics in style. Now since we will be dealing with emulators, there is a concern for rom piracy. I do not endorse piracy, and I do not encourage the download of commercial games. If you are caught downloading or stealing games, etc, etc, I will not be at fault. With the little disclaimer out of the way lets get started! =]

The concept of what I am trying to do, except in this case I'm controlling the mouse.

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Step 1: The Files

Ok, now what you will need is:

-computer thats fairly decent
-home brew enabled PSP, a great site to get you started on home brew PSP Hacking
-wireless router
-the included files

Download this: Wifi Controller
And this: NES Emulator

1.) In the Wifi Controller archive take the "PC" folder and drag it to your deasktop, then take the "SCEWiFiController" folder and "%SCEWiFiController" folder under "1.50\PSP\GAME\" and drag them to "X\PSP\GAME150\" X being the drive letter of your PSP.

2.) Next go to the "SCEWiFiController" folder and find the file "wifi.cfg" open it with word pad.

3.) Now go to Run... under the Start Menu and type "cmd" a black box will appear, and type "ipconfig" without the quotations.

4.) Find the text "IP Address. . . . . . . . .:" or something similar, what you need to copy are the last four numbers separated by periods.

5.) Copy these numbers and type them where the similar numbers appear in the "wifi.cfg" file.

6.) Close and save the "wifi.cfg" file.

7.) Download and install: PPJoy

8.) After it is installed open up your "Control Panel" and click on "Parallel Port Joysticks".

9.) When the window comes up click "Add..." at the bottom. On the next screen change "Parallel port" to "Virtual joysticks" and then click "Add."

10.) It will want to install some drivers so either have it scan automatically or point it to the directory you installed PPJoy to.

11.) After it is done installing, click the "PPJoy Virtual joystick 1" in the menu and click "Mapping..."

12.) Choose "Set a custom mapping for this controller" and click "Next."

13.)Set the options to the following:
Axes = 2 (X Axis and Y Axis)
Buttons = 9
POV hats = 1

X Axis = Analog 0
Y Axis = Analog 1

Button 1 = nothing
Button 2 = Digital 0
Button 3 = Digital 1
Button 4 = Digital 2
Button 5 = Digital 3
Button 6 = Digital 4
Button 7 = Digital 5
Button 8 = Digital 11
Button 9 = Digital 10

Directional button POV
North = Digital 6
East = Digital 7
West = Digital 9
South = Digital 8

14.) Inside the "PC" folder on your Desktop open the program "WiFiServer.exe".

Step 2: The NES Emulator

Assuming you still have the NES emulator archive you downloaded, if you don't just refer back to the previous page, we will start the NES setup.

1.) Just so were organized, lets make a folder on your main drive, and let's call it "Nestopia", but you can really call it anything.

2.) Now we'll extract the files from the archive to the folder you just made.

3.) Find "Nestopia.exe" and send it as a shortcut to your desktop.

4.) Open "Nestopia.exe"

5.) Turn on your PSP, and make sure there is "WifiController" under your games, and execute it.

6.) Select your connection, and select the first controller, if your the only one.

7.) Go to Options, Input..., and configure the Buttons for the PSP, to do this double click on a function and press a button on the PSP.

8.) Once you have configured the buttons to your liking, click "OK".

Step 3: Playing Some Games!!!

OK, because most NES roms are Copyrighted it is illegal to just download them, and I cannot help you here, all i can say is Google .

Although commercial games are illegal to download, home brew games for NES are usually free, and safe to download.

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    20 Discussions


    10 years ago on Step 3

    its obvious what the game title is, its on the title bar of the window.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    its kind of funny because you can have a NES emulator on the psp, with no need for this. but i do like the fact that is can be used for other things


    11 years ago on Introduction

    ugggg, i want to try out a homebrew but i cant find any info on how to do it,any suggestions

    2 replies

    12 years ago on Introduction

    the truth is some video game company's don't care if you make a back up copy's but Nintendo will sue the f@$#ing pants of your ass


    12 years ago on Introduction

    The olny way you SHOULD download a rom is if you allready own the game


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    24 hours claimSome ROM websites claim it is legal to download and keep a ROM of a game one doesn&apost own for as long as 24 hours, after which it is one&aposs responsibility to delete it. Even though it is widespread (most likely due to copycat reactions), this claim is completely false, as there has never been such a law.
    sorry, this is not totally true.
    this apply to some country, and not all.
    for exemple, Nintendo europe who released a emulator for the news-paper writer/game tester, clairly say on their site That you can use a ROM for 24hours, after this, you are in the illegality.
    this is how all these romur started, as far as i know.
    correct me if i am wrong!

    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Important note this is from Nintendo's legal department and is their "interpretation" of US copyright law as it pertains to their media. There have been no cases that I know of in which US courts have ruled on the legality of ROMs being used by individuals who own the actual cartridge of the same game. Consequently, it is still a legal gray area. Their wording is important too they say that "whether you have an authentic game or not, or whether you have possession of a Nintendo ROM for a limited amount of time, i.e. 24 hours, it is illegal to download and play a Nintendo ROM from the Internet." This suggests that if you had the capacity to copy the rom from the cartridge yourself you may not be violating copyright as you then would simply be backing up your own copy. Downloading from the internet necessarily involves other individuals and other aspects of copyright law.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Actually most games aren't illegal to ROM. I was reading a file that stated something about the fact that ROMs spread the game as advertising, something, something, something.