PSU to Electronics Power Hub Hack




Introduction: PSU to Electronics Power Hub Hack

I took a psu from an old computer and turned it into an electronics power hub.
It comes complete with a 12v car charger, usb charger, and hobby electronics terminal.

DISCLAIMER: Do NOT open the psu. The internal components have enough voltage and current to severly injure you!!
I hold no responsibility for any acts of stupidity associated with this Instructable.

What you need:
computer psu
car charger outlet
car charger usb
wire terminal
Wire cutter
Wire stripper
Soldering iron
Hot glue gun
Hot Glue
Electrical tape

Wire Legend:
Yellow- 12v
Black- Ground

Before continuing, unplug the psu and turn off power.

To wire the car charger outlet, you first must have a car charger outlet. Get an external/under dash mount one for
Cut a yellow wire from the psu and strip it.
Solder this wire to the power wire on the outlet.
cut a black wire and solder it to the ground wire.
Wrap the connections with tape.
Hot glue the outlet to the psu.

To wire the usb charger, you again need a usb car charger.
Cut another yellow wire and strip it. Solder this to the back of the charger. This is the stud connected to a
Take a black wire and solder it to one of the fins on the side.
Wrap the assembly in tape.
Hot glue to the psu.

Hot glue the terminal to the side of the psu. THis is for powering things directly.
Stip a yellow wire, red wire, and 2 ground wires for this.
Screw each wire into it's own terminal.

Connect the psu back up to power and turn it on. Test out your handy work and enjoy having power at your finger

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    15 amps on the 5 volt wires and 6 amps on the 12 volt wires