(PURPLE) Robo-Beetle!




About: I'm Mario Caicedo Langer, from Colombia, former Navy officer and BSc in Naval Sciences. Right now I'm Technical Director and Technology Lead Teacher at STEM - Engineering for Kids Azerbaijan. Also, I'm artis...

Do you want a pet for your home, and you don't like puppies or cats? I made a beetle using a purple plastic case and pieces of dead computers. The legs are from the frame of a PC screen filter. For the movement, I use a toy motor with gear box.

The eye is a red LED inside a roll-on deodorant ball.

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    M.C. Langerleyan nakhleh

    Answer 7 months ago

    Hi Leyan,

    On next week I will publish a step by step project with similar mechanics. Don't miss it!

    leyan nakhleh

    Question 7 months ago

    is this hard yes /no


    7 years ago on Introduction

    you should put rubber on the feet so it will go straight and make an instructable for it


    there are a lot of tutorials like this, explore! just be prepared for hundreds of dollars of components for some, and really heafty diagrams.