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Each school year I do a unit with my Kinderkids where they learn about the color wheel. Each child creates a portfolio of paintings representing each of the primary and secondary colors. We discuss each color throughly, how it makes us feel...what season do we associate it with and what it represents to us. I demonstrate to the class and always choose to paint a castle when we explore PURPLE. I think of Purple as the color most associated with Royalty...and a castle is a fine place for a PRINCE or Princess to live.

At the end of the unit when I send the childrens' portfolio home I am always left with several demo paintings. Instead of discarding them I sometimes will up-cycle them into sketch books or art journals.

I is a very easy and fun process this intractable describes how to do it.

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Step 1: Supplies

The artwork to use as the cover



thin ribbon

thick needle, an embroidery needle works well

hammer, awl, block of wood

pages for the inside of the book

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting

the cover needs to be 12 1/2" X 10'

The back cover is 17 1/2" X 10"

Step 3: Folding Cover Pieces

I have access to a laminating machine and like to laminate the pieces I use for the cover.

next fold the back cover piece over about 2", then fold again another 2' so the front cover fits nicely under the flap.

Slide the pages of the book inside, I added about 10 sheets of 9X12 drawing paper.

clip everything together so it stays snug.

Place the folded end of the book on the wood piece and hammer 8 holes, using the awl.

Step 4: Sewing the Pages

Cut 4 pieces of a nice color thin ribbon 12 inches each.

Tie a knot in one end of one piece and thread the other end of the ribbon through the eye of the needle. starting at the first first, top hole and going in through the front of the cover pull the ribbon through. Next come out through the second hole ad un thread the needle, leaving your ribbon hanging loose. Re thread the needle and do the same thing starting at the fourth hole and surface through the third hole. Tie the two loose ends into a bow, being sure to knot it carefully.

repeat with the next set of four holes. when the second set of ribbons are ties securely your book is ready .

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