PUZZLE CUBE 3D With SketchUp 2013

Introduction: PUZZLE CUBE 3D With SketchUp 2013


This instrutable how to create a puzzle in 3D with Google SketchUp
Example puzzle I built is not limited,
you can build your own puzzle very simply by modifying the square grid pattern

Sorry for my bad English

Step 1: Create 50 X 50 Mm and 10 X10 Mm Squares

Create a square 50x50mm with the rectangle tool:

in the camera tab and then select above standard view

TIP: the size of your drawing is displayed at the bottom of the screen during the creation:
if you want accurate measurements while you create your rectangle, without releasing the mouse button enter the exact dimension X, Y on the keyboard for example the square you must type 50;50 and confirm with the Enter key
(this is the same for all sizes). and save the grid to be used for all faces of the cube.

Use the Meter tool to create horizontal and vertical marks every 10 mm

With line tool join pins to create 10 x 10mm square

Draw your figure by selecting the faces and unnecessary edges and pressing
Del to delete or by using the Eraser tool.
TIP:Hold Shift Key to toogle the Faces or Edges it will select only the patterns to clear

Step 2: Making 3D Face and Coloring

I'll take for example the creation of the side that I named FACE:

With push / pull tool create a 10mm height volume .

TIP: To rotate a volume is best to create a component

Select full volume dredging around a square with the left mouse button, click on its surface with the right component and click create, rename the FACE and click create

Now you can move or rotate your component in all directions with the move tool
when you place the tool on the component, small red crosses appear, they materialize the axes of rotation and a reporter appears, you can then rotate (left button) If you just want to move you move between the cross and left button to turn on the other axes, change standard view. As is the front view we create, I'll put it to the vertical:

Then coloring with yellow color tool

Step 3: It Only Remains to Create the Others Sides

Now you can save the yellow FACE and start at step 1
Open the grid file and delete some cases remembering that the finite grid fits into the other faces
When the second face is finished you save as BELOW (for example)
Now you can test if your two faces together well, then: select Import (in the File menu)
in the window choose File file type SketchUp (SKP *.)
and in the file name choice type FACE
it only remains to orient the two sides and to follow:
If all OK go to the construction of the figure below or make your corrections.

All the other sides are constructed in the same way (save them one by one)
When all the figures are finished, you can import them (one by one) and adjust to form the Puzzle Cube.
TIP change the view through the camera menu (standard views) to make sure everything fits well

Have Fun :-)

Now you can print the grids of the face you drew
and paste them onto polystyrene or wood 10mm thick and build your puzzle. This will surely be my next Instructable

Construction in SketchUp

now you can make wooden puzzle cube at this link:


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