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Introduction: PVC Articulating Lights Mount

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I love Making Instructables, This is a Instuctable about tools for making my instrucables. I use these Lights for taking pictures that I put into my instructables. But I needed a way to position them above the work surface without them being in the way. In trying to stick with the "trash to treasure" theme most of the materials I am going touse for this project are out of the scrap bin. I hope this project Inspires you to make something awesome.

Step 1: Parts, and Tools


  1. 1" Conduit Straps -- Amazon
  2. Folding photo box with 4 lights (I bought this years ago and this is where I got the lights that I am using for this project.) -- Amazon
  3. 1" PVC Conduit (I had this in the scrap pile)
  4. Pine 2x4 (just some scraps from the scrap pile)
  5. Computer Power Cords (I just chopped the ends off to salvage that sweet sweet wire inside)
  6. M3 x 20mm Bolts -- Amazon
  7. M5 x 25mm Bolts -- Amazon
  8. M6 x 20mm Bolts -- Amazon
  9. M3 Nuts -- Amazon
  10. M5 Nylon Nuts -- Amazon
  11. M6 Nylon Nuts -- Amazon
  12. M3 Washers -- Amazon
  13. M5 Washers -- Amazon
  14. M6 Washers -- Amazon
  15. 1/4in Birch Plywood -- Amazon
  16. 1/8in Birch Plywood -- Amazon


Use whatever tools you want to, but I will not pass up an opportunity to show off my DEWALT Tools, lol. These are the tools I used For this Project

  1. Dewalt 10in Miter Saw
  2. Dewalt 20v Multisaw
  3. Dewalt 20v Drill
  4. Dewalt 20v Impact

Step 2: The Making the Base, Legs, or Whatever You Want to Call It.... Step

I took the scrap 2x4 and cut 2 lengths at 24in each, then used a hole drill that was the same size as the exterior of the pvc conduit, and cut around it as seen in the photos.

Step 3: The Leg Bone Connects to the ... PVC Conduit?

Next I drilled it out and used a bolt to clamp the the conduit. The conduit was still able to turn in the clamp, so I added wood glue (a generous helping of course). and let that dry. I added some 1x4 scraps to the bottom (or top) of the legs so that I would have something to screw to the ceiling.

Step 4: Making and Mounting the Bracket and Arms

I wanted to be able to have some sort of bracket that would connect to the main PVC Conduit and pivot. I decided to quick design a bracket and laser it out of 1/4 birch Plywood. I included the original Corel draw file so that you can edit it. I also included the DXF files if you would like to laser it yourself.

Step 5: Installing Wiring Into the Conduit

I drilled a hole in the four spots that I wanted the lights. Then I chopped up some computer power cables and wired all of the lights together. Then I proceeded to chop up and splice enough power cables to run all the way down a wall and plug into the work bench.

Step 6: Mount It on the Ceiling

In Order to mount it to the ceiling (I have a drop ceiling) I used another couple scrap peices of 1x4 and put that on top of the drop ceiling panel.Then I screwed through the panel into the other scrap 1x4.

Step 7: Finished

All Done, I am really happy with the way that this turned out. I did go ahead after I was done and make another arm that has a Phone mount on it. I like that I can move the lights up and down and aim them where I want them to go. This worked great. I have a lot more light above my workstation now.

Thanks for taking a look. Have a great day.

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    3 years ago

    The videos are great. It makes it so easy to "see" what you are doing. Thanks.


    3 years ago

    WOW! Looks great! This looks like a great lighting source for a big workshop. Back when I designed my articulating lamp, I thought of making it so it hangs from the ceiling of my room, but then decided not to do that because I wanted it to be portable, and because I thought it would be easier to tilt/swivel. It gets in the way a bit, but it's worth it! :)