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Introduction: PVC Backseat Tablet Stand

This is my first Instructable...so forgive me if it isn't all there.

To begin...I had a problem. We are getting ready for a road trip and I have two little girls that love Frozen...but I only have one table that will play the digital copy, so the store bought backrest tablet holder would not do. They are too young to be sharing an expensive piece of technology, so I had to find a way that they could both see. Necessity being the mother of invention...I headed to the hardware store.

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Step 1: Parts

To be honest, I didn't really know what I needed when I walked into the store. So I got a little more than what was required.

In the end I used:

  • Most of a 10' piece of PVC pipe (3/4")
  • 4 "T" joints
  • 2 "elbow" joints - with threaded on one end/slip on the other
  • 2 "elbow" joints - with male threaded ends
  • 2 couplers with threaded ends
  • 4 "elbow" joints - slip only

My original idea had a full death grip mount, but I took one of the girls to Lowes with me and she didn't appreciate all the time I was taking trying to design the stand in the isle.

Step 2: Dry Fit the Tablet Rest Together

I dry fit everything together, and ended up using a little duct tape to keep some things from moving. I wanted to be able to break this down for easy storage in the car when we're not on long trips.

These pictures are a succession of how the tablet rest came together.

Note I made four claws, but I only ended up using two in the final design.

Step 3: Cutting Time

I did this while the 2-year-old was sleeping so I used a hack saw instead of a power saw. I should have bought a new blade. Always cut with a sharp blade. I swear I smelled burning plastic before I got these things cut.

Remember, measure twice - cut once. I measured the 'legs' to fit our SUV's height with the car seats in and came up with about 26" and added the 1.5" coupler pieces, plus (not pictured) four 6" stabilizing feet.

Step 4: Finish Dry Fitting

I skipped a few pictures, sorry.

Basically I took the 1.5" pieces of PVC and attached them to them to the "T" joints. Used the slip and fit "elbows" to attach to a cross bar (7" to accommodate my 10" tablet).

The last two "T" joints go at the bottom of the legs...add the 6" feet and it's ready to stand on its own.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Like I said, I used duct tape to just make sure everything stayed together, but most of it was a pretty tight fit so it did not move much. Plus the tablet resting arms have a little play in them with the threaded joints, which allows them to turn in for a tighter grip on the tablet.

We'll probably end up putting a small ice chest/cooler bag on top of it for extra stability.

All I need is to attach a small speaker (probably with cable ties) and we're ready to rock out to "Frozen" as we head down the highway.

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    5 years ago on Step 5

    Very cool idea and build!

    The BEST way to keep the kiddos happy in the plumbing aisle at Lowes is to let THEM have some pieces and build their OWN stuff---gives them a sense of possibility and gives you time to work out your plan. Just make sure they learn how to take their masterpieces apart and put them back in the CORRECT bins.

    I am a huge fan of plumbing parts and my grand kids love to hit that aisle! Plumbing pieces come in SO handy for so much MORE than mere water moving---Hmmm---Do I sense a CONTEST idea here????