PVC "Banging Pot" Scarecrow. the Simple Version.

Introduction: PVC "Banging Pot" Scarecrow. the Simple Version.

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A banging pot scarecrow is a scarecrow that somehow makes noise. I have made mechanical ones using a mini windmill to make it bang metal bars together but this time I am making it of PVC. Simple to construct and (Hopefully) it will protect my heirloom vegetables.

You'll need a way to prevent the wildlife from eating your vegetables, and a scarecrow is a cheap and easy way to do it. I made this one from PVC so that,
A: I can use it next year.
B: the flexibility of PVC will help it make more noise.
And C: it's light, that means at the end of the year my wife can easily move it if I am not around.  

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Step 1: Materials.

Materials is easy.  1x10 foot 3/4 inch PVC Cut into the following.
1x12 inch
2x14 inch
2x16 inch
2x18 inch
1x24 inch 
4x 90 degree elbows
1xPVC Crossover
3x PVC Caps
1x old shirt
1x old ball cap

Step 2: Assembly.

First I should say that all sizes I stated before were estimates, I just held the pipe up to the part of my arm that it would represent and cut it there. 

Lay out a crossover, the longest piece and the shortest piece and glue them all together.

Glue two next shortest pieces into crossover to make shoulders.

Glue elbows to each shoulder.

Next shortest pieces to elbows to make upper arm.

Elbows to upper arm and last two pieces to make forearms. Cap the shortest piece (top) and the end of each arm.

Step 3: Put in Garden

Put your shirt on the scarecrow, securing it with glue, wire ties, or rivets.
Hang some pots or pans (the lighter the better) from his (or her) arms so they will clang together in the breeze.

Make sure you pose the arms so they can each hold something,  and watch it clang in the wind!!!
NOTE: I didn't glue mine but I believe it would be a good idea to, so that the constant movement does not cause the joints to loosen. 

Step 4: Done.

You can go to sleep feeling that your garden is much safer because of your brand new PVC guardian that should last for many more seasons! 

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