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Introduction: PVC Bike Wheel Stand

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My bike is abandoned for almost a year. Gear and brake strings are broken off. Tires are flat. Rims are rusty. Seeing Bicycle Contest makes me want to restore it and bring it to life.

Repairing a bike, testing the brake, checking the wheels and chain, I need a stand. One inch PVC is strong enough to hold a bike. Tested by me (^_^ )

Let's take a look at my simple Bike Wheel Stand made up of PVC pipes.

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Step 1: Materials

One inch pipes are good and tested strong enough to hold the rear wheel of my bike.

  • 2 x 15"
  • 2 x 10"
  • 2 x 5"
  • 2 x 3"
  • 2 x "T"
  • 6 x "L"
  • 2 x Hex Bolt #10; length 0.5"
  • 2 x Angle iron corner brace (or 4 if you want more strength

All you need is a saw. Nothing else.

Step 2: Hanger

Cut one side of the 15" pipe about 3" length. We will slide in the corner brace. Before that, please fasten the bolt-nut in one of the corner holes. If you get a thin corner brace, then you can double it for each side.

I put an "L" on to cover the split pipe you can use either an "L" or "T" or the dead end cap which I can't find in the market.

Step 3: Construction

Assembling the pipe has nothing to explain. Just look at the photo above I think you can do it, can't you? ;)

Step 4: Put It On

For bike with shifting gear, we have a very narrow gap there. That's why I use a very thin but strong corner brace. Now my bike is ready for service (^_^ )v

Note : You can disassemble it and put them in a bag to carry along while touring.
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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Nice method to attach those metal brackets. Getting the back wheel off the ground is a pain when you're too cheap to buy a bike stand. And the fact that you can collapse it to save storage space is really nice in my garage...


    Reply 4 years ago

    This one is cheap. And the angle iron corner braces are strong and thin. You can double each side if you are doubt about the strength. They will still thin enough to slip in within the gears. Make it flat? Simply pull out the two pipe which holding the angle iron corner braces ;)


    4 years ago

    PVC Bike Stand.

    I haven't built on yet, but the simplicity, lo cost, and ease of assembly is impressive. Nice job.



    Reply 4 years ago

    Yes. Very easy to assemble and low cost surely. I do need it for my next #BikeProject. Just stay tuned ;)