PVC Bike Mud Guards for 2 Dollars




Introduction: PVC Bike Mud Guards for 2 Dollars

Winter is staring down in here in south hemisphere and i like to use my bike to go places near my house. So the idea was to spend as less as posible to add mud guards to my comuter bike.

My english is not the best, but i'll do my best to be clear.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

the list of materials i used were:
75mmx1m PVC sanitary tube
1 screw and nut
4 cable ties

Electric Saw
Gas torch

i recomend the use of safety glasses and gloves.
of course you need a bike to mount them and depending on the geometry and accesories of the bike the result and procedure may vary.

Step 2: First Step

1) cut the Tube tu have two half tubes

i chose a 75mm (3")  tube since the tires i use are 2" wide (50mm)
so measure your tires before you buy.

Step 3: Curved Mud Guard

for the rear wheel i wanted a curved mud guar.
so i messured the leght of the area that was going to be covered by the guard.
and cutted one half tube to that leght.
After doing so, i made parcial cuts to the tube so bending it where easier.
Then i heated the tube with the torch so the form i gave the tube remains in time.
then a few holes and cable ties and screws and you are done.

SEE where you can use screws or ties before you make anything!

Step 4: Front Fender

bending the tube is complicated.
so i prefered a straight tube for the front fender
you have to make 4 holes for the ties
i bended  the corners for safety, with the gas torch.

Step 5: End

If you experiment a lot with the materials and try to heat and bend everithing is goig to take you 2 hours. if you don't, it's much faster may be less than an hour.
I hope it helps!!


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    3 Discussions

    Phil B
    Phil B

    9 years ago on Introduction

    I have also heard of filling a piece of PVC pipe with sand.  Then soften it with a heat gun.  The sand distributes the heat evenly.  Supposedly you can then bend the whole section of pipe.  After it has cooled, slit the top half away from the bottom half and attach the top half to the bike.

    Great job, looks pretty good for some PVC.

    Another way you could do this is to cut some steel sheet with a jigsaw, hammer a curve into it and then bolt/ziptie them in place.

    very nice.