PVC Blow Gun

Introduction: PVC Blow Gun

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Here's a type of weapon that only needs your air to fire this thing!

Blow em' Targets away!

Now let's get started!

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Step 1: The Materials Needed:

The materials needed for the PVC blow gun:

is no other than the PVC itself

PVC (1/2" in diameter, 20" in length)

and electrical tape (you can use any kind of tape).

Step 2: Wrap It All Up!

Now get you PVC tubing and wrap it all up with tape.

I've wrap mine with electrical tape to make it look cool

and also I didn't documented how I've wrap it but I'll teach you how.

There are a lot of ways to wrap this thing:

First wrap: Start from the exit and wrap it circling the tube all the way to the other end

Second wrap: Place Tape with the same length of the pvc on a plain surface and get your pvc and roll it in parallel with the tape, and wrap it's ends with tape also.

Step 3: Now You Have Your Blow Gun, What's the Next Thing to Do?

The next thing to do is the ammunition,

so let's get started

Step 4: Materials Needed:

The materials needed is only scrap paper, news paper, magazine, any kind of paper to roll with.

with some help of scissors and some tape

Step 5: THe Base of Operations.

With a piece of paper, roll it diagonally in order to make a party hat! yeepeeh! paaarrtyy!.

but no!, no party!, it's only the base for the ammo's

and tape it all up!, only the ends of the roll.

to strengthen it.

Step 6: Your Munitions!

Cut pieces of paper into squares 3"by 3", you can use post it note too.

tape its ends.

now insert your munitions into the blow gun, adding a little pressure while twisting can make a crease in it,

in that crease you can cut it, follow the crease's lines.

and now you have it, you Munitions!

Step 7: Amp It All Up!

You munitions needs a little juice into it MMMOOAAARR Power!!!.

so what you need to do is with some clay and some 1" nail,

Let's get this thing started shall we?

So first thing you need to do is insert the nail inside the munitions and place some clay inside,

that's it!.

Optional: you can put a dab of hot glue inside instead of clay, or Both!

it can add weight into the munitions and now you're ready!

Step 8: The Hunt!

Now you can hunt!.

But instead of k-word, you can redecorate your lawn or backyard,

or firing it into the dart board, it can also pierce through concrete.

so be cautious and stay safe, and don't kill anything, even animals or a person


Reference: the KING OF RANDOM (Youtube.com)

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