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Introduction: PVC Blowgun Revolver - Six Shooter

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This is a very cool Blowgun Revolver that I designed to reduce the time it takes to fire a normal blowgun. It is made almost entirely of PVC with a couple exceptions. It can pop balloons and pierce an apple from a short distance away. The darts are reusable and will last many shots if you take care of them.

Be very careful with this toy, do not shoot at people, animals, or yourself.



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awesome, would be cool to see it with a longer barrel, and better gas seals. With a longer thus more powerful blow gun you would need some sort of mechanism to great a good gas seal, if you want inspiration, Ian from forgotten weapons on YouTube disassembles and talks about old and weird guns, including revolver rifles and shotguns which often have very interesting mechanisms to create good gas seals and cycle the rounds etc.

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Cool! Very nicely done.

Have you considered putting together a step-by-step write up with photos, to accompany your videos? This kind of project would benefit from that format, and probably get a lot of attention. This is a great project!

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Thank you very much. I will consider a write up in the future, but for right now I prefer to just make videos. My projects are mainly made for my youtube followers, but I wanted to share with more people. That is why I post them here, to share the fun. I will consider it if I get a little more free time.
Thank you again.

I have seen some of the contests and hope to enter some in the future. Have they ever did a PVC contest?