PVC Boat




Introduction: PVC Boat

This is how to make a PVC boat that is fully capable of floating on top of water. 

Step 1: Gather Materials

- Four 10 ft. pieces of PVC
- PVC Pipe Bender
- (4) 30 in. (4) 20 in. (2) 15 in. (2) 8 in. PVC
- Tarp
- Wood Bottom to put on base of boat
- 4 three way connectors
- 4 T connectors
- Zip Ties
- Drill

Step 2: Bend Four 10 Ft. PVC Pipes

Take the four pieces of 10 ft PVC pipe and use the PVC Pipe bender to make them connect to the elbow connectors with outlet

Step 3: Connect the Bent PVC

Connect the two bent PVC pipes to a 3 outlet connector

Step 4: Connect Both 10 Ft Pieces

Take Both 10 ft ovals and connect them using the three way connectors. Should be connected with 14 in PVC pipe

Step 5: Add Reinforcements

Cut each 10 ft PVC pipe in half and put a T connector in its place, then connect the top and bottom with another 14 in Pipe

Step 6: Add Cross Beams

Take all the rest of the PVC pipes and cut them to lengths that will fit across the boat. To attach them, drill a hold through both the frame and the cross connector and then put a zip tie through it.

Step 7: Apply Tarp to Boat Frame

To apply tarp, lay tarp out flat pon the ground and place boat onto it. Then wrap the sides of the tarp over the top side of the boat and connect it with a zip tie or tie it with a rope. 

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    7 Discussions


    4 years ago

    how to atache tarpulin to the frame?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    This boat could work if you attach bottles to it then cover with a tarp.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    now whare is drown boat ??????????????????????????????//