Introduction: PVC Bow

This instructable will help you step by step to make a bow out of pvc

Materials needed:

  • 5' by 3/4" diameter PVC
  • Three 48" fiberglass rods
  • Paracord
  • Tape
  • Rat tail file
  • saw
  • Tape measure
  • Spray paint (optional)

Step 1: Fiberglass Reinforcement

With Your 3 fiberglass rods, take one cut it in half then line the other two up together. now put the two halves together like so and line them up at the midpoint and tape them all together like so once you have taped them all together shove them in the pvc, they should fit perfectly inside

Step 2: String Notches

Use a rat tail file to carve notches for the paracord about one inch from the end of the pvc then frown the notches like so, so the cord fits nicely

Step 3: Handle

Wrap your bows handle one inch from the midpoint with paracord. Then mine looked like booty cheeks so I just duct taped over it to make it look better.

Step 4: Paint the Bow

Just Spray paint the bow

Step 5: String the Bow

Tie a loop in the paracord so and line it up with the notch then tie another loop four inches from the notch and string the bow



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    12 Discussions

    any arrows that you have with nocks that fit the string.

    Also if you use only 2 rods cut at 12 and 18 inches it will cost you less and the curve seams more consistent.

    Is it in any way possible to make it without the fiberglass?

    1 reply

    The fiberglass adds to the draw weight and prevents distortion of the PVC. You can make it without the fiberglass, but it may break sooner and fire with less force.

    It may be fun to shoot in your back yard, but will have little utility.

    the space between the string and the riser are to small

    1 reply

    Yeah but all he has to do is just shorten the string and it'll be fine I got the same criticism when I made my first bow but at least on instructables all criticism is good criticism

    Thanks for sharing!