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Hello friends !! Happy to post my first Instructable .

In this Instructable , I will show you how to build a quick and easy PVC Canopy .

You will need the following :-
* PVC pipes
* pvc Elbow
* pvc T-joint
* pvc shoe
* acrylic sheet
* screws

* screw driver
* hammer
* measuring tape
* pvc cutting saw
* drill machine


Step 1: Materials and Tools

Collect the materials and tools to start the instructable

Step 2: Cutting the Material to Size

cutting pvc pipe
48inch × 3
21inch × 2
18inch × 2
11inch × 4
8 inch × 2

Acryilc sheet 58 × 30 inches

Step 3: Preparing the Upper Frame

make the frame with T joint elbow and shoe

use T joint for 22" pvc pipe from both side ,
attach a 8" pvc pipe to one end of T joint and a
2"pvc joint on other end to fix the elbow joint.
we have made the upper frame of the canopy

Step 4: Preparing the Lower and Back Frame

Now attach the 18" pvc pipe to te upper frame towards the shoe joint .
And elbow joint to other end.

take two 11" pvc pipes and join the T joint both on either side.
now your 11" one end will be fixed to the back frame of 18" pvc pipe at the elbow joint .

now extend with another 11" pipe to the T joint .

attach the shoe joint to this 11" pipe so that the upper frame gets fix to the lower frame..

now for middle support at the T joint take the 48" pipe and fix it ..

Step 5: Fix the Acrylic Sheet

screw the frame at all the joints so that it doesnt move

cut the acrylic sheet ..

i kept the sheet 5" outside from both ends

put rubber washer (orange)below the acrylic sheet so that it does not make noise when the wind blows

Yes .!! your canopy is ready

Step 6: Fix It to the Wall

drill holes and fix the canopy at the desired height ..

Thanks for veiwing my instructable .



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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Hi! Lovely idea! I need to make one that is approximately twice this width for a barn door. Any suggestions on how to make it stable enough? I love working with PVC.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    hi katherine ..
    if the size is double give a support at 3 feet with T joint for lower n upper frame , and add extra support for wall frame.