PVC Cat Hammock

Introduction: PVC Cat Hammock

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This project is pretty easy to make and doesn't require a lot of tools to make either. There are a couple different ways to make this cat hammock. The frame is made out of pvc pipping which you can find a most hard ware stores. The corner pieces might be harder to find but they make connector pieces that work too. Other than the frame there is the hammock cloth part that be made pretty easy with a sewing machine. This can be made out what ever material you have or what you think your cat will like to lay on. you can make this what ever color. Also you can paint the frame of pvc pipping I choose to use zebra print duct tape for the frame. You can make it any size you want to fit your cat.

I use this duck cloth

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

pvc pipping I used 3/4 works best 10 feet of it

4 corner piece the ones that face down and two to the sides at 90 angles

4 end caps for end of pvc legs



jig saw

tape measure


Step 2: Making PVC Frame

Making the frame out of PVC piping is pretty easy to make. Theres going to be for legs to the the frame. I cut all the legs at 1 foot. (4 pieces). I used a jig saw to cut the PVC. Then you will need to cut four more pieces of PVC pipe. Two of the pieces will be 10 inches. The other two pieces will be 12 inches. When assembling make sure the 12 inches pieces are opposite of each other and the 10 inch pieces are opposite from each other. Sanding down the PVC helps clean out the ends of the pipes. Simply put them the in the connectors making a rectangle with four legs. It will look like a little table before adding the cloth.

Step 3: Making Cloth Hammock

Making the hanging part of the hammock is pretty easy if you have a sewing machine. The type of fabric is up to you. What ever you think you cat will like sitting on. Fabric that is stretches works nice so then when your cat sits it hangs down. Basically what you will be sewing is a square piece of fabric that has sleeves on two sides that will slip over the pvc pipe. I made the sleeves on the 12 inch sides. The length of the fabric I made 13 inches and sewed a 1/2 seem on each end to make it look nicer. Simply fold over the fabric and sew it. Do that on both ends. Then start on the other sides to make make the sleeves. Since I used 3/4 pipe I made the sleeve around an inch big so that It would slide over the pvc but not being to loose. Take the end of the fabric and make a loop test it around your pvc mark the spot and sew the fabric. Do this on both ends of the fabric. I cut this side of the fabric about a foot and a half so that I would have extra fabric to work with. I sewed it so that it hangs down just a little bit. Slide the two sleeves you sewed over the pvc. Tape or paint the pvc pipe to make ti look cooler.

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    This is really nice. I really love the decorations on the legs! This looks like it is perfect for one very lucky cat! I think even I can make one of these. Love it!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    this is great. I was trying to do this project a while ago but couldn't find where to get the corner bits. where did you get yours?