PVC Chair

Introduction: PVC Chair

This chair is made entirely out of 1 inch PVC. although in the final picture of the completed chair o seat cushion can be seen , we advise a pillow or some sort of cushion to make the seat more comfortable.

Step 1: Gather Materials

All materials listed as follows

1. 14, 20 inch pipes
2. 20, 6 inch pipes
3. 4, cross sided outlets 
4. 10  elbow pieces 
5. 8  T shaped outlets
6. 12, 4 inch pipes
7. 4, 12 inch pipes
8. 12, T shaped connectors

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting

- This step is self explanatory
- simply cut all the PVC to the stated lengths.

Step 3: Assembling

1. Our design had three main parts: The back rest, the seat itself, and the bottom base.
2. The base was made with 4 20 inch PVC pipes connected to T shaped connectors in the shape of a square.
- to make the bottom each 20 inch pipe were laid out in a square shape and connected with 90 degree elbow pieces with side outlets. once the square was complete 4 more 12 inch pieces would be put in facing upward.
3. To connect the base with the middle seat, we used 4 12 inch pipes that connect with the base's T shape connectors.
4. The base is made out of 6 20 inch PVC pipes. those pipes are connected to T shaped connectors on the side.
- also 90 degree portions of PVC were added in the corners to add a bit of support to the seat.
5. Two arm rests are connected to the seat with 4 6 inch PVC pipes. The arm rests also have 2 elbow pieces that connect with the seat via the 6 inch pipes.
6.The arm rests connect to the back rest via 4 inch PVC that connect to T shaped connectors on each side.
7. 3 20 inch pipes connect each of the sides that create the back rest. 
8. The top of the back rest 2 12 inch pieces that connect to elbow connectors witch also connect to 4 inch pieces.

Step 4: Finished Product

- This is the completed product, remembering it has no cushion.
- sorry about the picture facing sideways.

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