PVC Chicken House. 3D Printed Unions

Introduction: PVC Chicken House. 3D Printed Unions

PVC Chicken House. 3D printed unions

Step 1: Concept / Idea

Unsing diferent lenghts of PVC tubes, and a combination of 3D printed unions and mechanisms, we can get a removable roost.

Step 2: Materials

PVC tubes:

- 2 x house sides: 884 mm

- 6 x Roost width: 1484 mm

- 12 x Half height structure: 900 mm

- 4 x Tube between house and door: 1500 mm

- 4 x Door frame width: 700 mm

- 2 x Door width: 600 mm

- 4 x Half door height: 800 mm

Screw and nuts (for the hinges):

- Screws: 8

- Nuts: 8


- Cable ties (To join the mesh with the tubes)

- 15 m of Chicken wire

Step 3: 3D Prited Unions and Mechanisms

Once you have printed all parts, you can start to assemble the roost.

To do this you must look at the picture of the final assembly.

Step 4: Something Else!

You need to get some hens and chickens, and some food of course!

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