PVC Christmas Tree Lighted Yard Decoration



This is a (relatively) quick and easy lighted decoration you can make for your yard. All you need is some PVC pipes & fittings, cable ties, Christmas lights, and some patience.

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Step 1: Assemble Materials

you'll need the following materials:
6 foot lengths of 3/4 inch PVC pipe (quantity 4)
4 way 3/4 inch PVC cross fitting (quantity 1)
3 way 3/4 inch PVC tee fittings (quantity 6)
90 degree 3/4 inch PVC elbow fittings (quantity 4)
45 degree � inch PVC elbow fittings (quantity 13)
PVC pipe cutter
3 inch clear cable ties (lots-n-lots)
300 light strands of Christmas lights (quantity 3)

Step 2: Cut and Assemble the PVC Frame

A. Cut a length of PVC pipe approximately 14 inches long.
B. Using this piece as a template, measure and cut 5 additional lengths of PVC pipe.
C. Cut a two to three inch length of PVC pipe as a joiner piece. Using this piece as a template, next measure and cut 15 additional lengths of PVC pipe.
D. Insert two of the joiner pieces into the PVC cross at opposite ends. Try to push the joiner piece in as far as possible so your tree will be strong. Attach a 45 degree elbow to the end of these two joiner pieces.
E. Insert two of your 14 inch lengths of PVC pipe into the ends of the 45 degree elbows.
F. Make two corners as shown in the figure. Start by attaching a 90 degree elbow and a 45 degree elbow with one of your joiner pieces. Add a joiner piece and one of your tees to the other end of the 90 degree elbow.
G. Attach the corners to the bottom of the lengths of pipe you attached to the tree. Measure the distance between the two tees and cut a length of PVC about two inches longer than this size. Insert this length of PVC pipe into the open ends of the two tees.
H. In the bottom of the tees connect a 45 degree elbow with a joiner piece. In the other end of the 45 degree elbows attach one of your 14 inch lengths of PVC pipe.
I. Repeat steps F through H to make the middle tier of the tree.
J. For the bottom of the tree, make two modified corner assemblies by attaching a 45 degree elbow to the top of one of your tee fittings. Attach these to the 14 inch lengths of pipe coming out of the middle tier. Measure the distance between the two tees and cut a length of PVC pipe two inches longer than this distance. Insert this piece between the two tees to complete the frame.
K. On the two open ends of the PVC cross insert your two last PVC joiners.
L. On the front joiner, attach a 90 degree elbow and a three inch scrap piece of PVC pipe. This is where you will attach the star.
M. On the back of the cross joiner, attach a 45 degree elbow and one of your long pieces of PVC pipe. This will be the support. Adjust the angle of the tree and cutting the length of PVC pipe. Leaning slightly back seems to be the most stable. Remember, cutting PVC is like cutting hair&you can always cut it shorter, but you cant cut it longer
N. Sit back and relax.

Step 3: Attach the Lights

Test the 3 light strands. Make sure their directions say you can plug at least three strands together.
Start at the bottom of the tree. Attach one of the light strands to one of the base corners with a cable tie. The cable tie should be pulled tightly. Pull the lights taunt and attach with another cable tie at the opposite end. Repeat this a whole bunch of times, moving up the tree about a half an inch each time. Make sure to wrap the light cord around the ends of the frame each time.
After your first strand is complete, plug the next one into its female plug and continue until you run out of frame, patience, or beer. If you get to the top and still have lights left, wrap them back around the frame. If youd like to attach a star to the top, remember to get the female plug at the end of the lights near to top.
When youre complete, cut the extra end off of the cable ties to make the tree look cleaner.
Take it outside, hold an informal tree lighting ceremony, and have a great holiday!

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