PVC Clothes Drying Stand/Rack - DIY Ideas - Ideas With PVC - How to Make Drying Stand

Introduction: PVC Clothes Drying Stand/Rack - DIY Ideas - Ideas With PVC - How to Make Drying Stand

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Working with PVC is always a fun thing to do with. This time i'm trying to make clothes drying stand or rack using PVC Pipes & PVC fittings. The PVC drying stand/rack is strong, movable, removable and even easier to build your own.

The design of PVC Clothes Drying Stand OR Rack is easy to start your own and can be easily expandable with some extra pipes & fittings.

I need 5 feet long Clothes Drying Stand/Rack so the demonstration shows measures as per my requirement and you can modify it and make it your own as per your requirement.

I'm keeping my stand base stronger than the actual design and the reason using PVC is to keep it away from getting it corrosion.

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#PVC Pipes

73cm - 4pcs

62cm - 4pcs

45cm - 8pcs

30cm - 4pcs

20cm - 12pcs

#PVC Fittings

Elbow - 8pcs

Tee - 16pcs

#Drying Stand Base

PVC Pipe - 4pcs - 73cm

PVC Pipe - 1pc - 45cm

PVC Elbow - 4pcs

PVC Tee - 2pc

#Drying Stand Side Sections (2 Panels - Left & Right)

PVC Pipe - 4pcs - 62cm

PVC Pipe - 2pcs - 45cm

PVC Pipe - 4pcs - 30cm

PVC Tee - 4pcs

#Drying Stand Top Panel

PVC Pipe - 5pcs - 45cm

PVC Pipe - 12pcs - 20cm

PVC Elbow - 4pcsPVC Tee - 10pcs

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