PVC Concrete Dummy Drills Demo II

About: Training 3 different styles of martial arts, teach self defense to children, working on becoming a police officer - that sums it all up

Another video, this one of me working on the Dummy myself - has more movement in it.



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    I train with Master Sonny Couch in Cat Ching Do (www.catchingdo.com), Sifu Dexter Parker in Hung Gar Kung Fu (www.peoriakungfu.com), and Master Tammy Schaefer in Mixed Martial Arts (www.wulinwma.com). Ultimately, they all point a lot of us into building our own styles up. The basis for building this type of Dummy was because I was interested in the explosive short force developed by Combative Tai Ji. You all should come out sometime and bang with us here in Illinois.