PVC Concrete Dummy Drills Demo


Introduction: PVC Concrete Dummy Drills Demo

About: Training 3 different styles of martial arts, teach self defense to children, working on becoming a police officer - that sums it all up

Just a quick view of what the finished product looks and acts like.



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    That's part of his style. Most people might think it's stupid, up till they come and train in our particular style, which focuses on building up an individual's style.

    Thats fine for artistic interpretation and all, but a flying chin is a very nice lever for a KO and a beautiful opening for a choke/ throat strike all of which could be avoided or greatly diminished by that one simple and easy precaution.

    To get to Danny's face, you have to get past his legs, which he's got great control over. Moreover, Danny knows about his chin being a target, and uses that to his advantage, as Americans as a culture will try to knock someone out by means of a head shot. And in knowing that, and creating the perceived idea that someone can hit him very simply by going for his chin, he creates a trap, and thus can focus all his energy on counter attacking. Either way, this video is aimed more at discussing the training dummy that I made, so please, let's keep comments on that, and not on someone's personal style. We all can talk for the next 100 years about what's effective and what doesn't work, but we'll never really know for each individual until we actually meet with them and see for ourselves. -Peace & Knowledge

    I just realized you were talking about this video, in which the Dummy is barely being turned. Danny was going through block-touch drills, where almost no force is used on the opponent, thus, almost no movement as a result from the opponent. The other video with me in it shows the full horizontal spinning capabilities of the SDEV Dummy

    Well, it's supposed to spin only on a horizontal plane. Mixing in a vertical and horizontal plane to give the idea of an opponent that moves on angles is an interesting concept I will take into consideration about a future Wooden Man project, but for the time being, I'll just be focusing on how to make this project based on the original idea of being moved on a horizontal axis. But totally, dude, thanks for the awesome idea. =)