PVC Dremel Drill Press





Introduction: PVC Dremel Drill Press

PVC is easy find material. Not only work for plumbing, it also can make many things. Here is how I made a Dremel drill press with PVC.
All of the materials could be found in local hardware stores.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

2"x1"bushing 1
1"cross 3
1"x3/4"tee 1
1"x3/4"bushing 3
1"x3/4"bushing spgxfpt 1
1"pipe 4 1/2"long (Class200pe grade) 1
1"pipe 2"long 2
3/4"crossing 1
3/4"tee 7
3/4"elbow 3
3/4"plug mpt 1
3/4"pipe 20 1/8"long 1
3/4"pipe 11"long 1
3/4"pipe 2 5/8"long 1
3/4"pipe 2 3/4"long 1
3/4"pipe 5"long  1
3/4"pipe 7"long 2
3/4"pipe 6"long 1
3/4"pipe 2 3/8"long 2
3/4"pipe 1/2"long (Class200pe grade) 6
1/2"elbow 4
1/2"pipe 11 1/2"long 2
1/2"pipe 4 1/4"long 2
1 1/2"conduit clamp 2
rubber stopper 1
springs (from 4"sprinkler body) 2
9 1/2" x 8 1/2" board  1
5" x 6" board  1

pvc cutter
screw drivers
sand paper
measuring devices

1)The spring is from 4" sprinkler body.
2)The 1 1/2"conduit clamp is just fitting Dremel 4000. You can find in electrical department of hardware store.
3)Class200pe grade pipe inner diameter is bigger than sch40 grade. Some parts have to be Class200pe grade.

Step 2: Fix Dremel on a Board

Screw dremel on the 5"x 6"board with two conduit clamps. Cut the 2"x1"bushing as pictures, screw the top piece on the back of the 5" x 6" board and glue it with a 2" long 1"pipe.

Step 3: Assemble Base Frame

Glue the drill base frame with 3/4" tees and pipes. Glue the 20 1/8"long 3/4"pipe as main pole, be sure it is 90 degree vertical to base frame. Cut a 1"x3/4"bushing, glue the top piece on the 1"x3/4"tee, and slide it into the end of the main pole. Assemble 3/4" elbow and the 11" long 3/4"pipe as sub-pole as pictures shown. Wait to screw them in next step, be sure those two poles are parallel. Then I did sand both poles a little bit. Put the springs.

Step 4: Make Parts and Assemble Slide Section

Cut two 1"x 3/4"bushing to three pieces as picture shown. We need only the top piece and 2nd piece.  Polish their inner diameter with Dremel till they can very easy slide on that two poles (3/4" pipe). Glue them and 1"crosses and 1"pipes as pictures shown. Be sure two crosses are parallel and the third one is 90 degree to them. Put this slide part on poles.

Step 5: Make Parts and Assemble Handle Supporting

Cut the 3/4" cross each side 7/16" off and glue two 3/4"pipe 1/2"long (Class200pe grade) in both sides, then glue this part on sub-pole in 90 degree to lower 1" cross, glue 5" long 3/4" pipe on it. Assemble 3/4"elbows and 2 3/4" long 3/4" pipe as pictures shown, wait to screw later. 
Slide the sliding parts to fit and adjust elbows connection till it is very smooth and easy slide. Now screw all of the elbows to connected pipes.

Step 6: Make Parts and Assemble Handle Slide Section

Sand two 3/4" tees till they can easy rotate in a 1" cross inner diameter as shown in pictures. Glue 3/4"pipe 1/2"long (Class200pe grade) in both sides of these two tees. Assemble them with 1/2" elbows and pipes, one side 1/2" pipe go through 3/4" cross which has glue on sub-pole. Screw all of the 1/2" elbow and pipes. Now the handle is ready.

Step 7: Put Board for Base and Adjust Dremel

Screw 9 1/2" x 8 1/2" board on the base frame. Recommend use countersink. Check Dremel and adjust.
If you only need a drill press, the PVC Dremel drill press has been already finished.
Next step is only want to give it more functions.

Step 8: Make a Stop Rubber

For give it more functions, I made a stopper for this drill press so that it also can do some router and sand jobs.
Buy a rubber stopper in hardware store, drill a hole in center(use the PVC drill press, it's working now), put screw in it and hold on hand drill run it on a sand paper to get the rubber thin to fit into a 1"x 3/4" fpt bushing. Drill one side of rubber hole bigger in half way so the screw head can go inside. 

Step 9: Make a Stopper

Drill a hole in a 3/4" plug and screw with the rubber. Glue 1" x 3/4" fpt bushing into 1" cross of the slide part, screw the stop rubber in it. When need to do some router or sand jobs, screw the plug tightening the rubber stopper with the sub-pole can fasten the dremel in one point to work as a router.
Ok, the PVC Dremel drill press is ready hope some people would like it.

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    I don't understand why the 1" x 3/4" Tee and bushings goes at the base of the main upright post.


    1 year ago

    Thank you so much LanceH19. I appreciate your help. Now I can get the parts and start my build.

    1 reply

    hello. can i see your build?


    1 year ago


    This is epic, haha!!!!


    1 year ago

    So okay I missed an abbreviation that I don't know. What does fpt stand for? Again as I asked before send it to millies_mom47@hotmail.com and Thanks.

    1 reply

    mpt = male pipe thread

    fpt = female pipe thread

    spg x fpt = glue to female pipe thread

    mpt = male pipe thread

    fpt = female pipe thread

    spg x fpt = glue to female pipe thread

    "Like it a lot." Do you think a full sized version could be built" ? Maybe with black pipe fitting's". "It would be more expensive than P.V.C. "just not sure plastic would take the weight & the pressure". thank's [VLAD]

    1 reply

    I don't see why you couldn't convert all the PVC to Black pipe and go with it. You'll have to beef up the traveler springs or install a counter weight . But it can be done


    1 year ago

    Please anyone reading this if you know the answers to my questions will you please email me at millies_mom47@hotmail.com and tell me what they stand for. The following abbreviations I don't know please tell me what they are: spgxfpt and mpt. I know everything else and recognize, can't make this til I know what you mean. HELP!

    Very nice project!

    Dang, I put out the ca$h for a Dremel brand drill press last month. I might make this just to have the fun of making

    I would bet that this drill stand works much better than the original one by Dremel. That one wobbles to much for any precise drilling. Great work!

    Very Very clear instruction and very nice project.
    I will definitely make one myself!

    Thanks dude!

    A great Instructable nice and clear and simple to follow no matter what language you speak.

    well done

    Regards Poppy Ann.

    Paste the following into Google search

    "Отличная работа, очень простой и доступный проект! google translate"


    Great job , very simple and accessible project!

    Easy to do and you won't be seen as rude.