PVC Dual Shot Air Gun




Introduction: PVC Dual Shot Air Gun

This PVC air gun can be made for around $20. It is simple to make and fun to use.

Step 1: Parts and Supplies

Parts and Supplies list:

(3) 1/2 inch PVC valves

(1) 1/2 inch PVC 90 degree elbow

(1) 1/2 inch PVC Tee

(5) 2 inch long 1/2 inch PVC

(1) 4 inch long 1/2 inch PVC

(1) 13 inch long 1/2 inch PVC

(2) 7 inch long 1 1/2 inch PVC

(2) 1 1/2 inch PVC caps

(2) 1 1/2 inch PVC couplings

(2) 1 1/2 to 1/2 inch PVC reducers

(1) 3/8 inch schrader valve

Teflon tape

PVC purple primer and cement

Step 2: Attaching Schrader Valve

Attaching Schrader valve

  1. Take one 1 1/2 cap and drill a 3/8 inch hole in the center.
  2. Wrap Teflon tape around the threads of the Schrader valve.
  3. Screw in Schrader valve into the hole in the 1 1/2 inch PVC end cap.

Step 3: Making the Air Tanks

The air tanks

The Purple primer and PVC cement can get messy. I suggest putting a piece of card board underneath for easy clean up.

  1. Coat the outside of the PVC lengths with purple primer.
  2. Coat the inside of the PVC piece with PVC cement.
  3. Hold pieces tight together for about 10 seconds.

(repeat steps for both tanks)

Step 4: Making Barrel and Trigger

Making Barrel and Trigger

  1. Take the last 1/2 inch valve using purple primer and PVC cement attach a 2 inch piece of PVC.
  2. Using purple primer and PVC cement attach the 13 inch piece of PVC to the valve.

Step 5: Final Assembly


    1. Take one tank and attach the 90 degree elbow using purple primer and PVC cement.
    2. The Tee can can be attached to the last tank using purple primer and PVC cement.
    3. Connect both tanks with the 4 inch PVC length using purple primer and PVC cement.
    4. Add the barrel and trigger using purple primer and PVC cement.
    5. Let dry for 24 hours.

    Step 6: Firing and Ammunition

    Firing this air gun

    1. Close trigger valve.
    2. Fill air gun with 30-40 psi using a bike pump or air compressor.
    3. Close one of the tank valves.
    4. Load selected ammo into the barrel.
      • Mini Marshmallows
      • Foam darts
      • Gumballs
      • Paint balls
    5. Aim in a safe direction and open the barrel valve quickly.
    6. Close barrel valve and the open tank valve.
    7. Open other tank valve.
    8. Load selected ammo into the barrel.
      • Mini Marshmallows
      • Foam darts
      • Gumballs
      • Paint balls
    9. Aim in a safe direction and open the barrel valve quickly.

    Repeat for endless fun.

    Any other ammunition that you may try please leave a comment so I can try it out for myself. Hope you enjoy this creation as much as I do. Thanks for looking!



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      26 Discussions

      can this kill a bird

      Its a Dual shot, not a Duel shot. A Duel (noun) is a formal fight (usually with weapons) between two individuals, while Dual (adj.) means consisting of two parts, elements, or aspects.

      2 replies

      While my initial reaction to 'DUEL' mirrored yours, I fear it's possible the author's use of the word is applicable, after all, he did create a weapon.

      I don't know who you angered Nicholasjames, but may your aim be straight and true.

      On the other hand, isn't it traditional in a duel to use single-shot pistols? Or cream pies?

      Please do not use PVC pipe for compressed air. It is extremely dangerous.

      Only one type of plastic pipe has been approved for use with compressed air. That pipe, Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS), is marked on the pipe as approved for compressed air supply.

      Here's a link to an OSHA article on the subject.


      The article states in part...


      May 26, 1988

      PVC pipe not to be used in compressed air systems

      OLYMPIA -- The Department of Labor and Industries warned today that plastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe cannot be used in compressed air piping systems without the risk of explosion.

      When PVC piping explodes, plastic shrapnel pieces are thrown in all directions.

      "We're seeing more incidents of explosive failure, and we're citing more employers for using PVC air system piping," said Paul Merrill, senior safety inspector in L&I's Spokane office.

      "It's probably just a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured in one of these explosions unless everyone pays more attention to the manufacturer's warnings," Merrill said.

      Last year, a section of PVC pipe being used for compressed air exploded 27 feet above a warehouse floor. A fragment of the pipe flew 60 feet and embedded itself in a roll of paper. Fortunately, nobody was in the area at the time.

      A PVC pipe explosion in a new plant in Selah broke an employee's nose and cut his face.

      PVC piping buried 3 feet underground at a Yakima manufacturing plant exploded, opening up a crater approximately 4 feet deep by 3 feet across.

      Only one type of plastic pipe has been approved for use with compressed air. That pipe, Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS), is marked on the pipe as approved for compressed air supply.

      By law, employers must protect their workers by avoiding the use of unapproved PVC pipe in such systems. Existing compressed air systems which use PVC piping must be completely enclosed, buried or adequately guarded according to specifications approved by a professional consulting engineer.

      3 replies

      ok, but how much pressure was used?. I use 8 bar in my airgun and it's fine. I've using it for 2 years now

      Read the Osha link, they recommend no more than 100PSI (7.0 BAR) in PVC. You might think about a rebuild, if only for your own safety.

      The OSHA link goes on to say "

      " limit the operating pressure of plastic piping distribution systems to 100 pounds per inch (psi) and prohibit the installation of such systems above ground except where ". . . the above ground portion of the plastic service line is completely enclosed in a conduit or casing of sufficient strength to provide protection from external damage and deterioration."

      There is a version of this used to shoot a 2 oz lead fishing weight with a braided line on it for putting up ham radio wire antennas. The idea is to shoot it over a tall tree and attach the antenna wire to it and pull it up and over and connect to a ham. Apparently 40 psi of air will push the weight easily over a 100 ft high tree. The setup is similar to this except it also has a small air pressure gage screwed into it.

      2 replies

      That version has been replaced with nylon string and a tennis ball. Much safer they had problems with the weights coming back or down and hitting people and things.

      Yes the lead weights sound a little dangerous but if you use tennis balls you have to make a slit in them and load them with a bunch of pennies to give them enough weight to carry over a tall tree. You need to scale up the launcher too, to have enough air to do the job. If you are using a hand tire pump it takes a lot of pumping to build up enough air pressure. A little electric pump and a battery would be an assett for that or a whole bunch of kids taking turns pumping. :-)

      I would recommend using a threaded valve where the barrel connects so you can have different barrels to screw on to increase your ammo types.

      Typical compressed air system pressure is between 5 and 9 bar

      I built one similar to this but used the electric automatic sprinkler valves instead of ball valves. It can open much faster, and you only have to press a button. They can be powered by a 9v battery. Then your tank can be as big as you want, and you can just keep shooting because you don't use all the pressure with each shot.

      I'd add a stiffener piece glued between the rear sections of the air chambers to support them as there is a lot of weight on the single pipe that connects them in the original design.

      An idea, bundle three tanks, eliminate one of the tank valves, it is redundant as first shot tank. Neat toy, but gosh coach your kids (and self ;) ) re: safety.

      THANK YOU!

      Seriously, you can spell "Schrader" but can't spell "dual"?