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Introduction: PVC End Table

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Make the PVC end table above for under $20!! And you don't need any fancy tools.

Being in need of a set of End tables I searched around and was pretty unhappy with what I found for what we wanted the end tables to do. This was be small but have some storage space. We did not want drawers because these all become junk catch alls. For added functionality it would be nice to have a built in wall outlet and or USB charging port etc...

Kind of a tall order to fill without a hefty budget. Exploring build options I settled on my good friend the PVC pipe. And the table seen above (in 2 different configurations) is the design I settled on.
And the best part is you can make this PVC end table for under $20.

Step 1: Gather Parts

For the basic table design you will need the following:

- 3/4" Sch40 PVC x 13.5ft
- 3/4" Tee fitting x 15
- 3/4" Cross fitting x 2
- 1 x 4 Board 2 ft lengths x 4

Optional Finishing materials:

- Wood stain of your choice
I used some liquid brown shoe polish (what I had around already)
- Spray paint (optional)
I used a Hammer finish paint for a galvanized pipe look.

Step 2: Gather Tools

This basic build requires minimum tools:

- Tape Measure
- Marker
- Pipe cutter Snips (or saw etc...)
- Wood Saw (optional)

Step 3: Cut Pipe and Boards

For the assembly parts first we'll cut the pipe lengthens needed. Then we'll assemble sub assemblies and combine the sub assemblies to complete the PVC end table.

Cut the 3/4" PVC pipe into the lengths and quantities below:

- 3.5 in x 12
- 6 in x 1
- 13.75 in x 2
- 14.75 in x 2
- 18.5 in x 2
- 20.5 in x 1

Cut the 1 x 4 Board
- 2 ft x 4

(I purchased an 8ft 1 x 4 board and cut it in quarters. Ask your lumber supply to cut your board if you do not have the means to do so. In must cases they will be happy to help you out.)

Step 4: Sub Assembly #1

With your fittings and pipe length sections ready lets start making!!

With 3 Tee fittings and 2 lengths of 3.5" pipe construct the sub assembly #1 in the pic above.

You will need 3 of these sub assemblies.

Step 5: Sub Assembly 2

Using the pic above construct the Sub assembly 2. This is similar to #1 but it requires a cross fitting in the center instead of a Tee.

You will need 2 of these Sub Assembly #2s.

Step 6: Side A, Construction

Next build the first upright support sections of your PVC End Table.
Side A will be made by connecting a sub assembly 1 with a sub assembly 2 with two 18.5" sections of pipe as seen in the pics above.

Step 7: Side B, Construction

Side B assembly joins 2 Sub Assembly # 1's.
The legs of this unit are made with the following configuration 3.5" pipe + Tee + 13.76" pipe. Use 2 of these to joint the Sub Assemblies as seen above.

Step 8: Shelf Assembly

The next assembly you will need:

- 1 x Sub Assembly #2
- 2 x 6" pipe sections
- 2 x 14.76" pipe sections

The Shelf Assembly should look like the pictures above when done.

Step 9: Final Frame Assembly

The final assembling of the PVC pipe frame is done by connecting the 3 leg sections with the shelf section.
Follow the pics above.

Step 10: Adding the Wood

This part is easy enough. Place your 4 sections of 2ft board into your frame as shown.
The boards should fit fairly snug in their places on the frame.
I originally planned to glue my pipe frame together but was surprised how sturdy the small table was without it.
If you're not concerned with the unfinished look your table is ready to use.
Like most of my projects if you want to kick it up a notch continue through the next steps and we will:
- paint and stain
- add wood to the second shelf
- add an outlet and lamp cord for USB charging

Step 11: Paint, Stain Gather More Stuff

With the frame still assembled remove the 4 wood planks and paint the table frame to your liking.
I was going for an industrial look and used the Rust-oleum hammer finish paint.

PVC paint tip:
Automotive Interior Spray can dye is the best "paint" for PVC. As the name suggests it does not just cover when applied to vinyl products it will dye the surface and not scratch off.

As mentioned earlier I had no stain at the time and added color to the wood with liquid shoe polish.
For the finishing touches you will also need:

- Wood screws ; 1-5/8" long x 16
- 1 x 4 board 10.5" lengths x 3
- electrical outlet box
- Wall receptacle
- length of lamp cord
- Hand drill and small bit and screw driver

Step 12: Secure Shelving and Power Up!

Reassemble table with the boarding as before.
Drill pilot holes and attach each end of the boards to the pipe framing.
Start from the bottom self and work your way up. This will give you plenty of room to drill.

After the boards are all secure mock up a mounting location for the electrical box. Wire in your cord and you are done.
Now you have one fancy PVC End table.

Step 13: Closing Notes

This PVC End Table design can be easily changed if you want a wider table upsize your shelving board to 1x6 or even 1x8 and change the length of the width connection pipe accordingly to maintain a tight fit for the boarding.
I glazed over the outlet hook up intentionally The addition is fairly straightforward if you have the experience if not you should think twice about doing this addition without experienced help high voltage can injure or kill.

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    It is painted but print marked as PVC

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    thats abs plastic and not pvc


    5 years ago

    Glad to help. (I'm actually building another of these right now. )


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I love the look of this! It is exactly what I was looking for. Can't wait to make it. Thanks for posting.


    5 years ago

    Thanks! I'm glad everyone enjoys this build Never underestimate the humble PVC pipe :-)


    5 years ago

    This is a sweet project, i may do this myself. But may i recommend a plastic electrical receptacle(to avoid electric shock. In tandem with a grounded equipment cable to carry the ground path of whatever you plug in to the wall outlet


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    This is cool

    It turned out really lovely and you did an awesome job explaining all the complex bits. Thanks for sharing!


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    This is what all posts should be like, very thorough! Love the design and the how practical it is. Good jaaab