PVC Flower Rack




Introduction: PVC Flower Rack

This is a low cost, simple and fun floral stand. Suitable for placing small plants. Change the combination of pipe can also create different shapes of flower racks.

Material and Tool
Material: four × Flower tray (bottom 185 × 185mm; outer edge: 270 × 270mm;) PVC pipe (Ф25mm × four000mm); 18 × Isometric Tee (Ф25mm); four × Elbow (Ф25mm)

Tool: PVC pipe cutter

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Step 1: Cut the Pipe

The PVC pipe cut into two fourfour0mm long tube, nineteen 200mm short tube and eight 30mm connection (between the tee). The remaining spare. Note that the error within 5mm does not affect the use of the gap between the connections can be adjusted.

Step 2: The Framework: First Floor

① first floor: Take out four tees, six short tubes, as shown in the diagram. After standing up, the first floor completed;

Step 3: The Framework:second Floor

② second floor:
Take out four tees, two long tube, the tee were connected to the ends of the long tube. And connect with ①, the second floor completed;

Step 4: The Framework:third Floor

③ third floor:
Take out the four connection ,six short tube, Put them together, same as the first level; Take out the four connecting tubes and place them in the second floor of the tee. Connect with the tees in the last.

Step 5: The Framework:fourth Floor

④ fourth floor:
Take six tees, five short tubes, as shown in the figure. Connect with ③.

Step 6: Decoration

Flower stand has basically taken the lead. This step to the flower shelf decoration. Take four elbows, two short tubes, four connecting tubes. The elbows were installed in the short tube ends, and then install the connecting pipe. The decoration is done.

Step 7: Reinforcement

When the assembly is complete, apply glue to the joints.

Step 8: Complete

Fit the flower tray.The beauty of the flower racks is completed.

Step 9: PS

1. Reference Specifications http://www.cepex.com/en/wp-content/files_mf/cepexpvcfittings2four.pdf

Step 10: PS

2 Here it can be replaced by stereoscopic cross easier.

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    3 Discussions


    10 months ago

    its really simple affordable, beautiful and easy to make


    2 years ago

    To prevent the top shelf from sagging; The two top left to right tubes needs to have two wood dowel (broom stick) (441mm long) inserted the full length. The dowel length center will need a ring spacer to contact the pvc inner top center if the shelf begins to sag and it will in time. At each dowel end, it will need a piller spacer between the dowel ends and the pvc inner lower end surface, enough to lift the inner dowel center ring spacer to contact the upper inner pvc center length surface, glue as req'd using 'E6000'.

    Now, second sag prevention option; Half split an approx pvc (380mm long) pipe and pvc cement the half pipe to the lower side of the two top left to right tubes. This is the last step in the stand frame's assemble.


    2 years ago

    That's a good simple solution and it would be pretty sturdy :)