PVC Foam Hot-wire Knife




Introduction: PVC Foam Hot-wire Knife

The wire can modify to any shape for cutting.

Since it is powered by 2 AAA battery (quite powerful, u can use 1 battery),

it will melt the foam before it touch it, so the hot-wire will not change it's shape during "cutting".

the nylon tie in the front stop the battery holder and the screw at the tail make a ring for hanging in tool-shelf.

Using hot-air gun to soften and bend the PVC as u like.

** Please remind that u need to bend PVC and cut foam in well-ventilated area.

U can see how it works in this video (0:43).

Also, U can use this knife to make a large stamp !!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    actually, it is a simple circuit same as normal hot-wire.

    a switch, two AAA, a terminal for installing hot-wire at the tip.