PVC Gopro Accessory



This is a pretty inexpensive project, it is made of PVC pipe and pool noodles with a GoPro attachment on top. It is reversible above/below water and the GoPro can be controlled by your phone. We went ahead and added a self propelling system on it to make it move around and take video or pics from it. This is is ideal for those who want to film animals without frighting them or taking pictures/video hands free. You can use it in the pool and watch your kids with your phone.

Step 1: Step 1: MATERIALS

For the flotation device you will need:

GoPro Tripod Mount (preferably circular)

7 .5" PVC pipe

4 90º PVC elbows

2 pvc T's

Optional: PVC End cap

PVC glue

Tools:- Drill, Saw, File

Step 2: Task Distribution

Brittany: Frame and flotation

Bryan:Propolsion unit

Chad: Battery pack and transponder unti

Karina: GoPro Attachment/mount

Step 3: Making the Body

This shouldn't be too difficult the pool noodles fit almost perfectly with the pvc. Just start by making a square base with 4 pvc pipes and the elbows. Attach the t's in the middle of two sides to create the actual stabilizer. Put the glue in the ends and let dry well before continuing.

Step 4: Optional End Cap Version

you can attach the mount into an end cap by using a file and making a hole for it to slide into. Note that if you use this you probably shouldn't flip the device upside down because it could potentially get out and you could lose your camera. This a good trick you want to reattach you mount to something else afterwards and don't want to deal with the screw each time.

Step 5: The Way We Actually Did It

We went with just screwing the mount onto the pvc pipe. We also decided to add a self propelling system using a battery pack.



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    Cool. Do you have any test footage of how this performs in practice?