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Hammocks are great for relaxing.There are sorts of different hammocks used all around the world from centuries ago. But I have made something very different that would have never seen, a Hammock made from PVC. It is tough, durable and waterproof. And most important thing is that it's very comfortable.


• PVC Pipes

• Rope

• (2) S-Shaped Hooks

• (2) Eye Hook Anchor [Eye Bolt Anchor]

• Hacksaw

• Drill Machine

Step 1: Selecting Pipes

There are a variety of PVC pipes to choose from. But the one that I have used for the hammock is UPVC pipes because the very strong and rigid. I have used 1-1/4 inch pipe with an outer diameter of 4.2 cms [1.6 inch]pipe. Don't use pipe whose size is more than 2 inches as it will make the hammock uncomfortable.

Step 2: Cutting the Pipes

Once you got the pipes then just start cutting all those pipes into the length of 65 cms with a hacksaw or a miter saw. Also cut four pieces of pipe of 15 cms of length for the headrest. After cutting the pipes then sand them using a sandpaper. You can increase or decrease the lengths of the pipe as per your choice. I have used 35 pipes since I didn't have much space. You can use more pipes to increase the length hammock.

Step 3: Drilling Holes

To pass rope you will need drill a hole of 12mm. But before drilling check your rope's thickness and appropriately drill the holes. The first thing to do is to mark point for drilling holes. Take a pen and mark point 5 cms away from the end of the PVC pipe on both the ends. To drill holes you will need to use a Drill Press. Since I didn't have a Drill Press, I went to a welding shop and got the holes drilled.

Step 4: Passing Rope

Pass the rope through the holes on both the ends of the pipe.

Step 5: Fitting Anchor in the Ceiling

Fit 2 eye bolt anchors into the ceiling at least 10 ft away from each other. The more distance you have, more comfortable your hammock will be as there will be less curve.

Step 6: Tying Knot

Making a good knot is very important since it will hold the whole hammock and prevent the hammock from slipping down. It's very difficult to explain knot through photos. But there are a lot of great knots available on the internet that you can see. Make sure that the knot you make has a loop. I have attached pictures above of the one which I have used.

Once the knot is tied, put the loop into S-Hook. And now hang both the ends on the anchor.

Step 7: Time to Relax

PVC Hammock is very different than a conventional hammock. And you get a completely different feeling when lay down on it. The Hammock takes shape of your body as lay down and gives a nice massage and an acupressure feeling. The feeling is something that can only be experienced only real life and too hard to tell in words.

Hope you liked this.

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    2 Discussions


    1 year ago

    This is really creative. I may try this in the future, but i am curious about the weight of the overall setup. O you have a rough idea or comparison?


    Tip 1 year ago

    That pvc plumbing pipe will begin to break down with exposure to sunlight. The grey electrical pvc conduit is more resistant to sun exposure. Otherwise, nice job!