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Introduction: PVC Laptop Stand

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A laptop stand with cable routing for under $5 bucks. No gluing necessary. Save deskspace. Save your neck. Save your eyes. Etc.

Step 1: Cut PVC to Length

You will need

Six 5 1/2 " by 3/4" pieces
Two 11" by 3/4" pieces (for a powerbook, for a dell 14 inch make these two pieces 7" to 8")
Four Tee Joints
Four Elbow Joints

Step 2: Planar

Assemble two "shelves" like so.

Step 3: Route Cables

Route the cables through the bends as shown. USB connectors will fit with a little nudging. If you use those nifty CAT-5 adapters, you can snake VGA or DVI cables through this rig.

Step 4: Snap Together

No glue necessary! Friction should do you fine.

Step 5: Place Laptop

All done. No reason to be straight. Like MJ, this thing can do a supernatural lean. Sweet.

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Just out of curiosity doesn't the laptop heat up enough to make the pvc release toxic fumes?

2 replies

No, PVC need to get well beyond standard heak sink temperatures for that kind of release.

Haha this is incredibly ingenious! I love the fact that its such a simple and easy DIY project. I was reading reviews on laptopstandboss.com to elevate my laptop but I'm definitely going to make this instead. For a measly 5 dollars it cant be beat! Especially when some of these laptop stands costs an arm and a leg!

How stable would it be if you made it taller to use while sitting on a couch?

Thanks for the idea! I created this today in about an hour. I edited the design a bit and put a third "shelf" in the middle. Very sturdy and works perfect for my MBP 15". I also zap-strapped my computer speakers to the sides.

Awesome! I just made one of these and it looks great! Exactly what I needed for my 15" MacBook Pro. It was super cheap AND really easy to make. Thanks for posting this.

it looks a little silly if your ask me,lol you could run water through the pvc to make it a cooler too!!!!!!

Thanks a lot. This is the first instructable that I have actually made. I modified it a little to get my laptop at a comfortable typing angle, and I made another for my wife. I'll post a picture soon.

Yo, I had a need for a laptop stand/table by my bed. I was inspired by similar laptop stands from ikea. So with 1 1/4" pvc pipe and a mesh tray, this idea became reality. The stand may be a little big for some people, but it also has the ability to run a power cord through the 1 1/4" pvc pipe. The color scheme was meant to match my bed sheets. Conveniently the tray is able to hold my charging phone , external hard drive and stereo remote. Because of a lack of certain connectors, the stand took on a different shape than I had previously drew up. But it still works great.


If you have issues with your laptop sliding around, try using rubber bands around the front two elbows on top. Also, I used 1/2" pvc as suggested by someone, it really cuts down on the ugliness. Hope this helps!

Hi. I've tryed your instructions but for my heavy laptop it seemed like it was to fall... so I build another one with pvc... some photos and instructions can be found here: my blog

I think it looks pretty darn good, myself, but I think I'd add a support bar to the center, there in the front; just to satisfy myself. I used to have a home with an antique bathtub, & I made a top Shower curtain fixture around it, using the pvc, much like what you did here. It wasn't fancy, but it served the purpose of not letting the shower water get all over the floor. PVC is great for lots of things; thanks for your cool, simple design here.