PVC Laptop Stand

this is my version of a cheap and usefull laptop stand, made of plastic water pipes, that you can get over any hardware store.

I use this stand on every computer at home and in my personal office, they work great and acomplish function just fine, to get fresh air ventilation to the notebook.

aprox cost $5.50


Step 1: First Step

get all the pieces from the hardware store as shown on the picture

Step 2: Secod Step

twist the pieces into each other as shown, very tight, not neccesary to use tool, but turn them as much as you can, to let them all at the same distance

Step 3: Third Step

onece you got all pieces toguether, aling the base into a table, to get the propper balance for the notebook

Step 4: Last Step

Place the notebook on top of it and start working



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    3 years ago

    Fantastic ideas, and cheap.