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Introduction: PVC Light/Lamp - Shade

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In this Instructable, I demonstrate a way to make a PVC Lamp shade.

For this project, you will need a few PVC pipes, PVC pipe cutter and a hot glue gun.

You will also need an inflatable ball.

If you are Interested in the video version of this Instructable and the embedded video does not appear on your mobile device, here is an alternative link

Step 1: Cut the PVC Pipe in Rings

I used a PVC pipe cutter to cut out rings.

I guess a table saw would have been a much faster option, but I had to use what I got.

The rings were cut approximately the same size, but not perfect.

Step 2: Glue the Rings Together (around the Ball)

I glued the first ring to the ball, so the lampshade would not move.

Then I glued rest of the rings to each other, but not to the ball.

Step 3: Take Out the Ball

When that was done, I deflated the ball to pull it out from the shade.

Then I just hung it on one of my ceiling lights.



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    15 Discussions

    Usually the black pipe is ABS, PVC would be the white pipe... only really important if you are researching the eco-impact of the gasses being, haha let me stop. It's only important if you are using the solvents to glue this up instead of hot glue. lightbulbs can get pretty warm ;)

    2 replies

    Dont forget about gray, which is for electrical. Or orange (CPVC) which is for fire sprinkers. ;)

    I did not know that.

    I thought that black and white pipes are the same.

    Thank You for the information!

    You left out an important part in the video. The type of light. But as always a great and simple idea.


    2 years ago

    doesn't the heat from the lightbulb remelt the hot glue?

    1 reply

    No, It does not. I used an led bulb, so there is not a lot of heat. Also, the bulb does not touch the lampshade.

    Another instant classic from one of my favorite authors. :)

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    it you could put light inside the ball, i guess it wood look colorful and more beautiful

    4 replies

    The bulb is inside of he ball. Maybe I was not clear enough :) Light bulb is inside of the ball and the ball is attached to the cable with some wire.


    I believe that ZiddiK meant "inside the inflatable ball as well as the ABS ball". It would be like a colorful lining inside the shade and bring more color to your light. Great idea! Thank you for sharing!