PVC PIpe Garden Stake

Introduction: PVC PIpe Garden Stake

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Ok i have ALOT of this misc sized pvc pipe so i am making alot of things out of it, this may or may not be cost effective for any one that doesnt have tons of scrap pvc pipe but if you do this is a great use for it.


2-4 foot long Misc PVC pipe

Heat Gun
Hack Saw

Step 2: Step One: Cut Your Stake

 First cut one end of the pipe at a angle, or a point so you can drive this into the ground easier.

Step 3: Step Two: 90% Bend PVC

 Here is how i did 4 at a time, i laid out the pipe with the ends cut off.
Clamped them to a saw horse and a wood block .
Then take your heat gun and soften the plastic, until it bends up go back and forth until all 4 pipes are soft then, bend all of them up.
And then clamp a wood block behind them. And let them harden this doesnt take long.

Step 4: Step Three: the Second Bend

Now For The Second bend take the side of the L shaped pipe that does NOT have the pointed end. Then heat up PVC pipe abotu 3 inches from the 90% bend, then when it gets soft bend it up and over them clamp it down.

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