PVC Pipe Fishing Rod Holder for Your Truck

Introduction: PVC Pipe Fishing Rod Holder for Your Truck

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We’ve all been there- ready to hit the water and go fishing on a beautiful day, but not out on the water yet because we’re still at the truck, frustrated with tangled rods in the back of your truck bed. Or, you’re packing up from a great day fishing with friends and family, you close the tailgate to head home and bam, there it goes again, you closed the tailgate on your favorite fishing rod bending it right in half.

Well, if any of these scenarios sound all too familiar, this inexpensive and easy to make DIY PVC Fishing Rod Holder for Your Truck project is perfect for you. Things you’ll need for this project-

  • Two PVC Cross Fittings
  • Seven T PVC Fittings (Quantity depends on how many rods you want to hold/transport)
  • Seven PVC Caps
  • About Twelve Feet of PVC Pipe

From here, we’ll start by placing the cross fittings on the floor of the truck bed, near each wheel well on the cab side. You’ll cut two pieces of PVC pipe (one for each cross fitting), each fitting into the outside opening of the cross fitting, going towards the side wall of the pick up bed. Make sure to leave enough room between the cross fitting and the truck bed wall to place a cap on each end.

Now you’re ready to finish the legs coming out of the cross fittings. Cut four pieces out of your PVC pipe, each measuring about a couple of feet long. This will keep your rod holder from sliding around in your bed while you drive. Place these four PVC pieces in your cross fittings, they’ll be laying parallel with the side walls of your truck bed. Finish the legs by putting a cap on each end.

From here, place your T fittings across your bed, spaced out evenly, making a straight line from your two cross fittings you just built. We’ll cut the first piece of PVC after measuring how long we’ll need it to go from the cross fitting to our first T fitting. Place that piece of pipe into the cross fitting and T fitting, then repeat the exercise until you’ve connected all of your T fittings to both of your cross fittings. Make sure to dry fit all of these pieces before gluing them down to make sure you’re happy with the configuration and dimensions. All of your T fittings will be at roughly a 45 degree angle facing your tailgate so your rods are elevated in the air once stored, except for the middle T fitting, this will be flat on the truck bed facing the tailgate to help provide stability to the holder.

Lastly, we’ll cut seven pieces of PVC pipe to hold your fishing rods, each of these roughly six inches long. If you have a few rods that are larger, you can cut these to be a bit longer than six inches if you’d like. Place and glue these into each T fitting, as well as one into the flat T fitting to act as a stabilizer with a capped end, and you’re ready to hit the water and reel ’em in!

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    4 years ago

    I think im going to make this thanks for the sharw

    The Sticks Outfitter
    The Sticks Outfitter

    Reply 4 years ago

    You're welcome! We'll be posting more fishing related projects in the near future so stay tuned!


    4 years ago

    Thanks for sharing!