PVC Pipe Letters "Z" & "C"




Introduction: PVC Pipe Letters "Z" & "C"

This is an instructable on how to create the alphabet letters, "Z" and "C" out of .5 in PVC Pipe!!!!!

Step 1: Gather Materials

To make this project you will need...

- ruler
- seven 45 degree PVC connectors
- two 90 degree PVC connectors
- five 3 in PVC pipes
- two 6 in PVC pipes
- two 2.5 in PVC pipes
- one 8 in PVC pipe

Step 2: Starting to Make the "C"

First, connect a 45 degree PVC connector to a 3 in PVC pipe

Step 3: Connecting the Rest to Complete the "C"

Repeat step 2 (connect a 45 degree PVC connector to a 3 in PVC pipe) three more times

*** One of the 3 in PVC pipes should have a 45 degree connector on each end

Step 4: Finishing the "C"

Connect all open pipes to all open connectors as seen in the photo in the last step to finish the "C"

Step 5: Starting the "Z"

First, connect the each of the 6 in PVC pipes to a 90 degree PVC connector 

Step 6: Insert 2.5 in Pipe

Next, take both of the 2.5 in PVC pipes and place them in the other end of the 90 degree connectors that are attached to the 6 in pipe

Step 7: Add the 45 Degree Connectors

Next, take two 45 degree connectors and place them on the ends of the two 2.5 in PVC pipes

Step 8: Finishing the "Z"

Finish the "Z" by taking the 8 in PVC pipe and connecting the two open ends of the 45 degree connectors 

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