PVC Pipe Pan Flute




Introduction: PVC Pipe Pan Flute

Today I will be sharing how I made this PVC Pan Flute.

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Step 1: Materials

PVC pipes

  1. Cutting tool(s)
  2. Tape measure/ ruler
  3. Hot glue gun
  4. Hot glue sticks
  5. Rubber corks

Step 2:

Take a few PVC pipes and cut them to the right length for each note. Since we were only going to play “Jingle Bells”, we only had to make the notes F, G, C, D, and E, but if you want to make more notes for different songs, you may have to cut more.

Here is the URL for measurements for the PVC pipes: http://www.panflutejedi.com/tube-lengths.html

Step 3:

Next, take a hot glue gun and hot glue the PVC pipes together. Glue them from shortest, to longest.

Step 4:

For this step we took some of these rubber corks and put them in the bottom end of each of the PVC pipes. You can hot glue them in if you prefer.

Step 5:

Since the corks had holes in them, and would allow air to go through, we hot glued them so that the air would not go through. Add as much hot glue as necessary.

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