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Introduction: PVC Portable Shower

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This is a simple and neat little project that came about after training one day. On Wednesdays I train in the mornings and go straight to work, although I have enough time to cool off, it's not enough time to go home and shower and the showers at work don't always function. My instructor suggested a hose right out of the back of his studio. So I went to Home Depot and went looking for a hose. Than I realized a hose would cost as much as PVC. So I bought PVC piping and made a small detachable shower. Works for me! Many ways you can make this. I just kept it simple.



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    regarding running these in series.... watch out for your water pressure dropping substantially. also i might suggest using a set of 45 degree angles (in the shape of a "Y") instead of the straight 90s as it will improve the flow rate of the water. Either way, this is a good suggestion for an emergency situation.

    @badfroger that's awesome!! I'm glad I could help! :)

    Sorry no parts list. It is basic pvc construction with 3/4" pipes and joints.

    I'm am the coordinator for our Hospital Emergency Response Team including chemical, biological, nuclear incidences. You have no idea how expensive ª emergency showers can be... This will simplify things a bit, also, I can run them in series for multiple showers.