PVC Towel Bar

Introduction: PVC Towel Bar

My Mother wanted a towel rack for the pool that we are building, so this is a little something we came up with.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

So the first thing that we did was to gather the materials. We ended up gathering everything from our local hardware store, we didn't have anything left on the truck. This was a pretty cheap job i think it was something like 25 USD for everything.
Materials- 2, 1-1/4" galvanized flanges
2, 1- 1/4 by 1-1/2 male desancas
2, 1-1/2 90s
1 length of 1-1/2 PVC pipe by 10ft.

Tools- screw gun
screws(depending on whatever you are screwing into, i used 1-1/4" screws)
PVC cement or glue
You can also use a pair of channel locks if you want to tighten down on the desanca, but it tightens up really nice by hand.

Step 2: Let Get Started

Start by putting your desanca into the galvanized flange. Tighten it all the way down until it doesn't tighten anymore.

Step 3: Screw Flanges

This step is as easy as the title. Screw the flanges to where you want them. We decided to put them on the outside railing of our deck for easy drying, and space on our deck.

Step 4: Set Up and Glue

After you screw the flanges, put your 90s onto you desancas and measure to cut you length of PVC. I think i measured it to 95-3/8" but you will have your own measurement for however long or short you want it. After you get everything measured out and to the spot you want it, disassemble everything down to the desancas, and then take your PVC glue and glue everything back together. I started by glueing the 90s to the piece of pipe, then glueing the 90s with the pipe to the desancas.

Step 5: Finish

Your all set hang some towels jump in the pool and dry off. I will probably paint the pipe one day, but for now it will be covered with towels, so this will work for now. You can also make this out of many different materials like, black iron, galvanized, or copper. All of which would of been pretty expensive, but might look a little nicer, and a bit stronger.

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