in this instructable i will show you how make a game or dvd holder from some scrap pvc and wood!!!!

Step 1: Pvc Measurement

step 1: get a good 3'' or 2.5'' pvc pipe chunk mine was about 2 feet long,  you will also need some 1X1 wood or any type of wood that u can make a square base out of

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

now cut a good 8'' section of of the wood block...you will need 3 more of them....so keep cutting you will also need a 5'' inch piece for the center. so  37'' in total

Step 3: Making the Base

ok so you got your wood cut, now prepare to put them together. you can use screws or good nails.. i used nails that were 1.5'' long and they are nice and thick. i used nails for the simplicity and  i was to lazy to go and buy more 1.5'' screws when i ran out. so step 1: take just 2 pieces of the 8''s  and drill two holes same side at opposite ends. the other two 8''s just drill one hole in the center on each. so in all 6 holes 4 on opposite ends of two and the other two have one each in the center.! step 2 PUTTING IT TOGETHER, like the picture copy the layout. to put it into words the two with the holes on the end go like I   I and the two with the holes in the center go like --- and --.
so together its a box!!! if your blind and cant see the picture then you shouldn't really  be using a computer should you? TADAAA almost done! (with the base

Step 4: Paint It (the Base)

paint the base! choose whatever color you want or don't its all you!! i chose red.and krylon works well with pvc and wood...

Step 5: Cutting the Pvc

so your going to cut the pvc? ready? lets go i put it on my vice and began to work on it... how many games you have = the amount of cuts you take in respect to the length (you dont want it too flopsy)
step 1 pre-score your pvc were your cuts will be! make it spread out and even!
step 2 cut! cut a V shape in the pvc these will be your slots...smotth them out so the fit nice and snug.
step 3 keep cutting.
step 4 finished tower

Step 6: Sand It Smooth

sand it smooth so you dont damage the cases and hurt yourself!!! safety first!!!

Step 7: Paint It #2

 paint the tower. i chose neon green for XBOX and yellow...REMEMBER to paint the slots and also REMEMBER to clear coat the finsihed product you dont want that sticky crappy feeling on it! plus it prevents rub-off

Step 8: Let Them Dry

let them stand in a well ventilated are for an hour or two.

Step 9: Putting It All Together...

so lay the pvc up-right on the center piece and screw it in! i did one int the front and two in the back- check the pictures...for ideas here any way you fasten it is ok...just make it sturdy!!!


your all done now add your games and enjoy!!



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    Robotron Cx3

    4 years ago

    You can also use wood instead of pvc