PVC Crossbow

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Intro: PVC Crossbow

this is an easy project and for you who are not patient your lucky because this
project has no glue,  it can be made with scraps.

Step 1: Metirils

2-2 foot 1'' PVC
1-3.5 feet 1/2'' PVC
black tape
4 foot long piece of string
3-1'' long screws
hack saw
1/2'' drill bit   [or just big enough to fit the screw head]
5 millimeter drill bit     [just smaller then the end of the screw]

[note-you don't have to use exact measurements and you don't have to the gray pipe]

Step 2: Making the Bow

First you need to saw an inch down the middle as seen in picture 8 Then tie a not at the end of the string like in picture 6
Then slip it into the cut at the top of the pipe. then line up your string with the pipe like in picture 3 tie a not in the string about 6'' from the end of the pipe. Bend the pipe so that you can fit the knot in if it looks like picture 2 your set but if it is straight tie the knot farther away.
lastly put black tape on the edge like in picture 7 and 10.

Step 3: Spliting the Pipe

Next take your 2 foot 1'' pipe and saw as straight as you can right down the middle when you get to the middle of the pipe stop.

Step 4:

First make sure the pipe without the cut is about an inch away from where the other starts like in picture1 find where about the cut gos to and go 4 inches away from the cut so your not drilling under the cut drill a hole [with the big drill bit] like in picture 3 in the pipe without a cut  then find where the hole lines up with the another pipe and drill a hole with the small bit like in picture 14 then screw  a screw though both pipes like in picture 4 d the same thing 6 inches away from the first one on the side without the cut

Step 5: Puting the Bow On

put the string inside the split pipe then put the bow in the space in the pipes and tape it all up!

Step 6: Arrows

All you have to do to make arrows is split skewers

Step 7: Shoot

put the split end on the string pull back and let go! thats it thanks!



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