PVC Lightsaber With Metal Hilt

Introduction: PVC Lightsaber With Metal Hilt

This guide is to show how to make a high quality PVC lightsaber.

This is not a lightsaber with fancy light-up blades or sounds. My brother and me used these to choreograph fight scenes for plays, charities, parties, and fun. Used for fighting only.

For double bladed models see the last few steps of the instructable.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

3/4" PVC pipe---- 40" for a single Blade, 80" for a double Blade. Cost: 2-5 $
1 1/2 " metal tubing--- This is some of the easiest stuff to obtain. Just hack up and old bicycle or go to the store. Cost: 10-15$
*NOTE* make sure the PVC pipe fits loosely into the metal tubing.
Spray paint-----What ever color you desire. Don't get anything expensive though as the paint  will chip off when you play with these. Also might want to get a second color for the hilt once it's done. Cost: 2-3$
The Original Super Glue---- For adding the crap to hilt if you don't have a welder. 3-4$
Painters Tape------ keeping paint from getting on hilt
4 washers
2 threaded bolts
2 nuts
Lacquer (sealant for the paint and hilt once its dry)2-3$
PVC end cap for1/2'' pipe*

*the end cap needs to be flush with the 3/4'' PVC pipe. See last picture for details.

Various tools and whatnot for making it. I'll include a list anyway.

Hack saw
Screwdriver (  or an electric drill works better )
Various little doo-dads to make the hilt look awesome
Duct tape
Sand paper

Spot welder

Step 2: The Hilt

So lets start by doing the hilt. Get your metal tube and cut it about 8-10 inches long (for single blade) or 16-20 ( for double blade)

*Also, now might be a good time to paint the hilt if your planning on doing so if you want a base color under the grips and rings on it.*

O.K. once you have that cut get out the random crap that makes a hilt look cool!
This is the part where the welder can be extremely useful. However Duct tape and metal glue work just as well.
The hilt is really where you can go all out and have some fun. Make it your own! My only advice here would be if you are making a double blade then try to make it look symmetrical. Other than that have fun. Also, If you have a grinder you could do some sweet designs in the hilt like rings or whatnot or just touch it up.

*OPTIONAL: once that has finished drying/cooling take some silver or gray or black and run up and down the hit to color the entire thing *

See pictures for ideas and  inspiration. Light some incense and put yourself into a guru pose and meditate about your design.

J.K. don't go that far....

here's a link to a sight that has some hilt ideas...http://www.bigyellowbox.tripod.com/
And LOTS more...http://www.randomsabers.com/

Step 3: Paint Job

Alrighty then.

Now it's time to cut and color your blade.

Take your PVC pipe and cut it so that it's 40-44 inches long. Scale it so it looks good with the hilt. Take it and stick it into the finished hilt until the bottom of the hilt is flush with the pipe. At this point youwant to take the power drill and put two holes in the hilt with the blade inside. One at the top and one at the bottom both on the same side. 

Now remove your blade then take your desired color and go up and down the blade in vertical stripes. Then let is sit and dry. Once it has finished drying go over it again. This will get any spot that are to light or that you may have missed. Let it dry. Once it has finished drying go over it with the laquer. This will give it a nice shine and keep the paint from scraping off everything thing it touches.

Step 4: The Blade

So young Padawan you have successfully both parts of the weapon? then its tme to join them.

Take the the washers. Using the super glue glue them into place over the holes that you drilled earlier so that it holds them there while you stick the blade in the hande. Let it dry then take the blade and ease it slowly down the hilt so that the holes you've drilled in the hilt and the holes you've drilled in the blade are lined up. Once you have done this take the 2 bolts and push them through the holes. Then add the bolts.

This is probaby the most trickest step to do and follow so if you have any questions refer to the pictures or comment. 

Step 5: Almost There...

O.K. you are very close to being a jedi/sith or pycho maniac who thinks he's a jedi/sith.

Go over the entire finished weapon once more with the Laquer. This will give everything a nice shine and contain the paint.

Step 6: Your Done!

Great job.

If your reading this step it means that you have sucessfully finished your weapon. Now go out and be a nerd!

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