PVC Longbow





Introduction: PVC Longbow

Make a cheap but effective lightweight longbow from 1m of 12mm wood dowel, two 1m lengths of 15mm high pressure PVC and a 1m length of 20mm PVC. Duct tape and Paracord also needed.

Step 1: Wrap the 1m Length of 12mm Pine Dowel With Duct Tape in the Middle and Both Ends, So That Two 1m Lengths of 15mm PVC Tube Just Slide Over.

Step 2: Now Seperate the Two 1m Lengths of 15mm PVC by About an Inch and Run Tape Between to Stop the Wooden Dowel From Falling.

Step 3: Now Tape the 15mm PVC in Three Spots (mid and End) So the 20mm PVC Just Slips Over

Step 4: Now Tape Both Ends of the 20mm Pvc

Step 5: Now Cut 150mm From Both 15mm Ends to Shorten the Bow

Step 6: Now Cut the Nocks and String It With a Loop of Paracord

Step 7: Now Find a Target. Lightweight Carbon Arrows Work Great.



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    4 Discussions

    Great! Can you make a small cut in the side of the bow for an arrow rest?

    1 reply

    might weaken the bow over the long term you could use a hair elastic as one though

    do u have a video on YouTube at all!?;)many thxs lee

    It seems good. How many meters (or your unit) it reaches?