PVC Pipe Craft Storage Unit or Wine Rack




Introduction: PVC Pipe Craft Storage Unit or Wine Rack

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Designed for http://www.easydiy.co.za, this multi-purpose storage rack is made using PVC pipes and can be used for storing a wide range of item. Use in a craft or hobby room for storing paintbrushes or art and craft supplies - use as a magazine rack - or you can even use as a wine rack. We designed the unit to accommodate 110mm diameter PVC pipes that you will find at your local hardware depot.


4 of 32 x 170mm PAR pine
4 of 32 x 195mm PAR pine

4 of 32 x 885mm PAR pine

2 of 195 x 885mm 12 or 16mm supawood / MDF

1 x 1.8 metre 110mm dia PVC pipe cut to 225mm length*

Pack of 4 x 50mm cut screws

Wood filler

Paint to finish – we used Rust-Oleum 2X satin blossom white


Drill / Driver + assorted bits

Orbital sander + 180-grit sanding pads

Tape measure and pencil

Note: The length of the PVC pipe is slightly shorter than the total depth of the storage rack to accommodate 8 pieces being cut from a 1.8 metre length. If you would prefer to have full length (258mm) sections you will need an additional pipe.

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Step 1: Assemble the Sections

1. Make the top and bottom by joining together the front and side PAR pine as shown.

2. To attach the PAR pine uprights to the side panels, measure and mark along the upright supports and side panels for pre-drilling 4mm countersunk pilot holes. Position the uprights centrally over the edge of the side panels and secure in place. Repeat this to attach an upright support to the front and back edge of both side panels.

3. Now you can attach the top and bottom to the ends of the side panel assemblies.

Step 2:

After assembly, fill any holes with wood filler and let this dry before sanding smooth. Wipe clean to remove all dust before taking the unit outdoors or into a well-ventilated space to spray or paint in your choice of colour. We sprayed our PVC storage rack with Rust-Oleum 2X satin blossom white.

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