PVC Pipe the Letter H and the Letter Q

Introduction: PVC Pipe the Letter H and the Letter Q

This is how you can make pvc pipe letters.

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Step 1: My Materials

you will need for the H
 2 T connectors
4 five inch pipes
1 four inch pipe

For the Q 
5 five inch pipes
2 2.5 inch pipes
1 3 inch pipe
6 45 degree connectors
1 T connector

Step 2: Step 1

For H: take two of the 5 inch pipes and one T connecter and put the 5 inch pipes into the holes on the top and bottom.

For Q: take a 45 connector and two 5 inch pipes and mate them.

Step 3: Step 2

For H: Repeat what you did in the previous step and then use the 1 four inch pipe to connect the to sides together. 

For Q: use five more 45 degree connectors and three more 5 inch pipes to create a C shape.

Step 4: Step 3

For Q: take your last 5 inch pipe and 45 degree connector and at it to the top of the C shape. it will look like you made the C shape bigger.

Step 5: Step 4

For Q: take one more five inch pipe and cut it so you have 2 2.5 inch pipes and put the in the top and bottom of your last T connector.

Step 6: Step 5

take the piece from step 4 and connect it into the open spot of the C shape. Lastly take the 3 inch pipe in put it into the open spot on the T connector.

Step 7: Final

These are what your final products should look like:

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