PVC Support for Photographic Camera




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make a functional PVC support for your camera. use for various filming and photography

Ps:excuse the possible spelling errors as I am from another country and use another language if you do not understand the text, the pictures can help you

Step 1: Tools and Materials

a nut a screw compatible with your camera
 two washers
a reduction of PVC 50mm to 20mm
a small piece of PVC pipe 20mm

Step 2: Step 1

insert the piece of pipe 20mm to 50mm to 20mm reduction as in the image

Step 3: Step 2

separately from the washer to be inserted into the screw as the picture

Step 4: Step 3

Now join the two sets as in the image

Step 5: Step 4

Now place the washer on the second set as the image

Step 6: Step 5

lastly put the nut on the bolt and completed project



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