PVC Wall Mural



Introduction: PVC Wall Mural

I had sample PVC granules lying with me for long. I decided to create a wall mural from this.

The materials you will need are

Hardboard,I would not prefer canvases since they are not rigid

acrylic paints

glitter spray

3D liner metallic color( glasspaint liner) and a black or brown one

wood glue (or any strong glue)

modge podge

a picture printout (you could sketch one of your own

pvc granules (these are light weight and are easily available in hardware shops or even online and come in plenty colors). Infact a lot of PVC granule exporters/ traders give free samples!

Step 1: Print a Picture, Stick and Paint

First print a picture as big as you like.In case the picture is too big print it out in sections. Glue the sections together to get the complete picture in one piece. Cut the picture out and with modge podge stick it to the hardboard. Run modpodge over the picture as well so that it sets in well. A spatula or an old credit card will do a good job.I had initially stuck the whole picture as it is with the black background thinking that anyway I will be sticking black on it. However i learnt that it is better to cut it out neatly and stick it such that it creates more texture and depth and the granules stick better to the hard board than the paper So I had to sit and scrape out and rework the background. Next with a 3D liner go over the borders and outlines in the picture. I chose a bronze colored 3D liner as it highlights the figures. Paint the inside, using shading techniques if necessary. I sprayed some glitter too to get the ornaments to stand out.

Step 2: Stick the PVC Granules

On the empty section of the hardboard coat a thick layer of wood glue. Sprinkle pvc granules densely over the glued areas. Ensure that none have stuck on your painting and let it dry. after drying shake out any unstuck granules. In case you have covered any part with glue reapply those empty pockets with glue and repeat the process 2-3 times till all the required part is covered. You can spray silver glitter or any other color if you would like to shade it a bit.

Once it dries up go over with a thick coat of varnish. Varnishing may not really be necessary but I thought it would hold the granules in the picture better and also giving a certain depth to the figures in the picture.

Step 3: You Are Ready to Go

And the mural is done.

The picture is perfect for bedroom walls or large corridors! Hope you would like to give it a try.

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