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The Process of pwning your iPod will actually modify your bootloader so you can run unsigned Firmware images, there's a small risk o(none if you follow instructions) however i'm not liable for anything that happens to your iToy, this is for "educational purposes only"
That translates into allowing you to create a custom firmware, with every payload, repository or, boot image you want, and if you do that wrong you can screw up your iPod (never new of somebody) only if you don't follow instructions

- Unlike Ziphone (*cough* stolen code *cough*), iLiberty +, iDemocracy or any iProgram if you restore your iPod, you wont loose your jailbreak, (theorically ill explain that later), and you won't be in the need of re-jailbreak and start from scratch.

- You can customize your Boot Images and restore ones

-Is the Dev Team's Official jailbreak (dev team is the people who cracked 2.0, and 1..0 and unlocked the iPhone first, Zibri, Geohot they come from Dev Team)

- Is the Most Stable Jailbreak


-can easly spot a jailbroken iPhone / iPot with the logos

- Works only for firmware 1.1.4 and 2.0 (not all the betas, and haven't tried with 1.1.5)

Step 1: Get Some Soldiers

Since This ain't no One man army, then you need the following

- iTunes (7.5 or up 7.7)
- WinPwn 1.001 from here WinPwn
- 1.1.4 [/ Firmware] download link

- iPod Touch
-a Holy Relic

If You are in firmware 1.1.4 (turn your iPod on and then go to settings / general / about / Version it should say 1,1.4 (4A102)

Are you on 1.1.4?
-YES: go to Step 3
-NO: go to Bonus stage 2

Step 2: BONUS: Upgrade to 1.1.4

- Open iTunes and connect your iPod
- then click + shift on the restore button
- a window will popup look for your 1.1.4 you've downloaded
- open it and let iTunes do the work for you
-Light up a candle for your Holy Relic
- when you're asked if you want to restore to a backup simply click new iPod and give it a name, but DON'T add Music.

Step 3: IPwning: Modyfing the Bootloader

This is the most important step, if your iPod gets bricked (never knew of one fully bricked) it's gonna happen here

Some Safety tips.
- DO NOT disconnect your iPod in the middle of the process, wait until it says that it has been Pwned

- Be sure the firmware you Downloaded is iPod, not iPhone (a way to Brick it) and that it end with ".ipsw"

Now onto The Program:

Your iPod should be running 1.1.4 and connected
1.-Open Winpwn
2.-Click .ipsw Builder
3.- Browse to your 1.1.4 copy
4.- let it work
5.- take a deep breathe and make sure the candle is still lighted
6.- Click iPwner
NOTE: do not freak, it's normal that your iPod turns off, and on, and that white text flashes trough the screen and DO NOT DISCONECT your iPod unless the white box says it!
7.- it Will enter recovery mode
8.- its flashing the boot loader
9.-Congrats You're now a hacker kid, but remember iPod Hacking ain't like dusting crops boy!

Step 4: .ipsw Builder

Now let's start the fun, and make our own .ipsw

1.- click .ipsw Builder
2.- a new window will popup (fig. 2)
3.- Select your payloads , here you can add what ever you want, this is my flavor

Basic Payloads: Recomended
Installer instincitv Shuffle
Open SSH Smb Preferences (NOT OLD)
Bsd Subsystem Tap Tap Revolution
Boss Tool Parking Lot
Jiggy Runtime iPhysics
all Sources
4.-Do you Want Custom Images?
-Switch to the Custom Images Tab
-Select the "Use Custom images" option
-Select he Image for Boot logo, and Restore Logo. They can be obtained from internet or HD
- Turn Off the Candle, we don't want to burn down the house

5.- Now Hit Build and let the Pc decide the name, and save it in somewhere you will remeber ej. Deskopt

Step 5: Final Restoring

now you got a Custom .ipsw file, and a Pwned iPod, so we'll just put them in a bowl and stir well.

1.- Open iTunes and plug your iToy
2.- Make a Shift + click hit on the Restore Button
3.-open your custom .ipsw
4.- Let it Restore (can take a while)
5.-Prevent Keyboard Problems
-Open up contacts
-add a new contact
-Type randomly for 10 seconds
-Cancel and tap cancel again
NOTE: if your iPod freezes just restart it (home button + sleep/wake till it turns off then turn it again)
6.- Load your iPod with music and your grandma's last vacation in tahiti pics and videos
7.-open Bosstool in the Springboard (the home)
8.-click free disk space, relocate fonts and applications (fig. 2)
9.- head to installer and start downloading stuff

Step 6: ENCORE

if you experience any problem with your iPod, coming from an app, or anything follow this simple teps

1.- Start again from step 5
2.- You're done

NOTE: that's why i said that you won't loose youre jailbreak
Hope this helps people, if you got any problems with your ipod there are gret sites you can go to like
iPodtouchfans (i'm MrCrawley in there)

just remember, before starting a new thread SEARCH, if i can help you don't hesitate in leaving a comment and as soon as i'm able ill answer.

COMING SOON: WinPwn 2.0 n00b Proof guide to jailbreaking 2.0 firmware



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    39 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Update your ipod touch to the NEWEST FIRMWARE AND RUN QUICKPWN. IT IS AS EASY AS THAT!!!!!!!!!

    1 reply

    yes, it easy as that, but when i made this instructable 2.0 were only developer betas, so this was the safest way of doing it.

    actually there are 2 ways of doing it (2.0.X) quickPwn (no restore needed iLiberty like) and the winPwn 2.5 wich follows the same process as this instructable, if you like i might make an instructable for quickpwn waddaya say?

    hey now you can! just look for redsn0w! (it have some cons, like it can't be rebooted without going into jailbreak-less mode *it's semitethered*)


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I tried quickPwn and it had easy easy installation. The thing i didnt like was the installer, it was really hard to use. =(

    Yes, last week was finnaly ported the 2.6 kernel, althought there are still missing the drivers for the audio wifi,. There's no write support for the NAnd but the kernel is there. is a plain terminal, in a while we'll see a nice GUI and maybe Ubuntu mobile, but theyre trying to port android to it (wich is a linux based OS to)